Thursday, November 18, 2010


Once again, "Murder and Mayhem in Muskego" did not disappoint! I had a wonderful time! From the "bathtub beer" at Jon and Ruth Jordan's to the hot discussion about autopsies over dinner at Slim McGinns (about the I've mentioned many times...authors are a little crimped around the edges!), it was a fun filled weekend.

Of course, one of the best things about this weekend was serving on a panel with Julie Hyzy, Deb Baker/Hannah Reed (she had a dual identity this weekend!), Joanna Campbell Slan, Denise Swanson, and Tom Schreck as our moderator. (Poor Tom...pressed into service yet again this year, but, being the good sport that he is, put up with our razzing graciously!) These ladies, along with Tom, are not only terrific authors, but are so quick with the quips and the humor that they make me look good! It truly is an honor to be on the same panel with them.

Our panel was supposed to be "Just Can't Get Enough-Why We Write," which it was...a little...but we also had a lively discussion concerning why we write "cozies." Here's the deal-traditionally, because our sleuths are amateurs and women; there's no steamy sex; no gore; and murder tends to happen "off camera" so to speak, the poor cozy is considered by some as having "less" value than some of our more graphic cousins.

Do I agree? Absolutely not! The plots are character driven and in addition to the protagonist, there's usually a rich cast of secondary characters with all sorts of wonderful eccentricities. And said protagonist not only has to deal with solving the mystery, but also those issues that face every woman...home, a job, friendships, a family. She does so with a lot of verve and spunk, which for me as a reader is very appealing. The hero rushing in at the end to save the heroine just doesn't do it for me anymore. Give me a woman who can take care of herself!

But here's one of the most rewarding things for me as a cozy author-we cross generational lines. There's something for everyone. Mother, daughter, grandmother can read these books and be entertained without worrying about whether or not it's "age-appropriate". And they can share that enjoyment with each other.

So am I proud to have written a cozy series? Just like Julie, Deb, Joanna, and Denise, I'll step right up to the plate and declare "You bet!"

Take care and have a good one!


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Sharon S. said...

I never knew what "cozy" mystery meant . I am a proud reader of cozies! . These stories are character rich and I enjoy watching them learn new things about themselves and those around them. But I do like a little romance thrown in there, usually in the form of a super hot, slightly cocky male cop ;)