Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do Do That Voodoo That You Do So Well

I’m taking an online workshop on how to give an online workshop.

I know, sounds strange, right? But it actually makes a lot of sense. I’ve been asked to teach an online workshop on paranormal mysteries in early 2012, and to help me prepare, I’m "auditing" this class. That means I’m trying to keep a low profile.

One of the exercises we’ve been asked to do is really interesting, and I thought I’d throw it out here. Our instructor has asked us to make a list of things we’ve done, things we’re good at, things we have a talent for. In terms of this workshop, we’re supposed to be studying our lists and using them to create online workshops of our own. In terms of just having a little fun, I think it would be interesting to hear what blog readers have to say.

Make a list of your own. What jobs have you had? What are your hobbies? What are your talents?

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

I can write a mystery
I weave, knit, crochet, spin (really badly)
I once edited employee newsletters
I’ve been a copy editor
I’ve had retail experience in a clock shop and a yarn store and long, long ago, in a health food store
I raise honeybees and I’ve harvested honey
I live with a chronically ill son
I have worked as a volunteer for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (see above) mapping and setting up the yearly walk at which the organization raises approx. $1 million.
In addition to mystery, I’ve published historical and contemporary romances, young adult horror and a children’s book.
I like to hang out in cemeteries and I’ve learned a lot about gravestone symbolism and history
I can read Tarot cards.
I’ve done a workshop on how to use Tarot cards to plot fiction and create characters
I like to drive golf carts
I once attended Queen’s College at Oxford University in England
I enjoy taking photographs and love my digital camera
I own an Airedale
I own a canary. His name is Perry, and he’s named after Perry Mason, though the way he sings, it could also be Perry Como.
I make really good caramel corn

I’m not sure any of this will ever translate into an online workshop, but it’s a fun exercise. Try it yourself, and share your results!


Sharon S. said...

I am a second degree blackbelt and level 1 instructor
my husband is a heart transplant
I did dog agility and obedience for 10 years
I have a masters in Microbiology
I am a problem solver
I played foosball competitively
I cross stitch
I am really good at finding stuff (kind of hard to explain )
I can pull up a toilet, take it apart and put it back

Casey said...

See, this is exactly why I wanted to play this little game! Sharon, you're fascinating! Dog obedience, masters, football...and I hope your husband is doing well. Wow, what you must have gone through waiting for that heart!

Sharon S. said...

he is doing great. 7 years out. We were lucky and he got a heart *very quickly. Even got a letter from the mother of the donor. It was touching. He was only 22 and fell out of a jeep as it was taking a corner.

Angie Fox said...

What a neat post. Can I have you both over for a tarot card reading party where Sharon takes a look at my crazy dog and we read tarot cards? I can make brownies. I'm really good at brownies (it must be all the practice).

Casey said...

Angie, anyone who can make brownies is my new best friend!

And Sharon, so glad to hear your husband is doing well! What a heartrending story. A friend's husband died (he was in his 50s at the time) and she got so many letters from people who received corneas and organs. What an amazing gift!