Thursday, December 2, 2010

Family Sayings

After reading Casey's post yesterday, all I can say is that there must be something going around. Either that or all the stars are aligned just right to cause a harried existence. And her post brings up one of my family's favorite sayings..."No rest for the wicked."

Well, I've decided I must be pretty bad!! I've spent the last month working on the edits and revisions for the new "Jess McConkey" book, LOVE LIES BLEEDING. I'm happy to say they're finished. (A day early too, I might add! A record for me when it comes to deadlines!) And the second draft is now in the hands of my editor. Time for me to celebrate and rest on my laurels, right?! I did celebrate for about five minutes, but now it's onto the next project-a short story collection that I've been diddling around with off and on for the last few months. There's an e-book publisher who might be interested, and I've promised my agent to have the collection ready for them to take a look-see by the middle of December.

Will I make it?? Maybe. Like most women, whether you're a writer or not, I'm juggling twenty different things. And with Christmas and four of my six grandchildren's birthdays coming up this month, finishing this collection in two weeks is going to be a little dicey.

But here's another favorite family saying, one my late husband was very fond of using-"How do you eat an elephant? bite at a time." So when my "elephant" seems to have reached mammoth proportions, I try and remember that. Focus on one thing, get it done then move onto the next. Is it easy? Not always for someone like me. I have a tendency to run off willy-nilly in ten different directions at once.

Here's another thing that I Casey, this is the life I've chosen, and I'm very, very fortunate to have deadlines! I appreciate more than I can say the things that writing has brought into my life-the challenges, the people I've met, and the lovely e-mails that I've received from readers. Without them, my world would've been a lot smaller!

So what are my thoughts as I face the month of December, with all its hustle and bustle? Bring on the elephant...I've got my knife and fork ready! *g*

That's it for this week-everyone have a great upcoming, and as stress free as possible, weekend!


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Sharon S. said...

make lists. Lots and lots of lists! That is what I do. I make one list and then remake it in the right order. When I can cross off some I will write the list again (re prioritizing) since it is now shorter. I love lists . Good luck with all the celebrating. That is a lot of birthday cake in one month.