Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

What are you doing on New Year's Eve? Partying? Making New Year resolutions? Spending a quiet evening at home? In the past, I've either went out or spent the evening at home, reading and watching TV, but this year I'm doing something different-my three oldest grandsons are going to ring in the New Year with me by spending the night. (Since it's two nine year olds and a seven year old, we might not make it until midnight!) I'm sure the evening will include Lego's, Bakugan, and some Dr. Seuss stories. (HORTON HEARS A WHO is a particular favorite! *g*) With three active little boys, I also expect there to be a certain amount of chaos involved, and I know my house will be in another mess come morning.

Will this be the most exciting New Year's Eve I've ever spent? Probably not, unless we decide to set off the volcano kit that I bought for them, but it should be fun. It's also something that my mother always did. When my oldest three children were little, my mother had them over night every New Year's. They would have their own little party with hats and noise makers, the latter of which she always very kindly sent home with them. (Btw-the day the tooters finally wore out was always a good one as far as I was concerned!) Then they'd sit around the TV and watch the ball in New York City's Time Square drop. To this day, my oldest kids still recall those New Year's Eve celebrations spent with my mom.

And isn't that one of the things this season is about...making memories that last through the years?

So bring on the chaos, the mess, and whatever else might happen tomorrow night. Hopefully, when these three little guys have children of their own, they'll look back as fondly as their parents do on a New Year's Eve spent with Grandma!!! (And yes, I'll be sending their noise makers home with them!!! I hope their parents enjoy them as much as I did!! *evil grin*)

Everyone have a Happy New Year and a bright, successful 2011!!!



Sharon S. said...

what a great thing for the kids. If they are anything like my 9 year old daughter, they will be up . We make a special New Years cake and eat it all night long. Have a safe and happy New Year!

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

I remember spending New Year's Eve at Grandma's. I looked forward to it each year. There wasn't much of a party with only her and me, but some of her neighbors shot off lots of pretty fireworks which we could watch from Grandma's windows. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Casey said...

Happy New Year, Shirley! Hope you had fun with the kids. Over and over this holiday season, I've been struck by how much my own kids depend on their memories and traditions to make the holiday. Yesterday, my daughter called from the grocery store. She and her boyfriend were making eggs benedict for New Year's morning, and she had a question about the recipe. Eggs benedict is something we always made NY's morning when the kids were little. It's nice to know those memories go forward with them. Bet your grandkids will remember their evening with you for a long, long time! (And I hope those noisemakers really did make it home with them.)