Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A holiday tale...and giveaway

I was about to revive an old holiday tradition last night when I realized that a lot of other people must be doing the same thing.

You see, growing up, we had those big holiday bulbs on the tree. Do you remember them? They were the old fashioned lights. And I loved them. Probably because I remember sitting in the living room as a kid and just watching the tree.

When I moved out, I actually took my parent's big holiday lights with me. Yes, it was an unnatural attachment. Anyhow, I used those lights for years, until I got married and my husband gently pointed out that my beloved light strings were starting to short out, running too hot and to top it off - they'd burned large brown spots into the tree.

So with great reluctance, I gave up the big, bold lights for the newer, smaller, flashy ones. The replacements were pretty. Life moved on. But I still missed my old standbys.

Flash forward to late November of this year. I was wandering through Hobby Lobby and saw my old fashioned lights. Multicolor! They were gorgeous. I so wanted them! But in a temporary bout of insanity (or possibly shock) I didn't get them. I waited. They'd still be there in a week or two, right?

Well, last night we were putting up the tree. We were ready for the lights and I was telling my husband about the lights-that-got-away. Whether it was the wistfulness in my voice or the fact that I'd been thinking of Christmas lights for two weeks, I'll never know. But Jim encouraged me to put on my coat and go out and get them. He'd put them up that night.

Excited, I rushed right up to Hobby Lobby and to the lights aisle and to where they were - and they were gone. According to the guy working there, almost all of their holiday decorations are getting scarce. It seems like December 6 is too late for lights. Who knew?

It seems the tradition will have to wait until next year. Be warned - I'll be scouting the Christmas displays as they go up in July (or earlier - it seems earlier every year). And because chocolate makes everything better, I'd like to give away a box of chocolate turtles to one lucky commenter, drawn at random. Just tell me your favorite holiday tradition.


Linda Henderson said...

My families favorite holiday tradition is gathering at my sister's house on Christmas and stuffing our faces and playing board games until we are exhausted.
I love turtles by the way.

seriousreader at live dot com

donnas said...

I remember those lights. Good Luck in finding some.

My favorite is the family getting together for presents than a big meal and movie night.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Sharon S. said...

You can get those lights at Lowes Home Improvement or Walmart. I've got a bunch of them .

We eat Chinese take out Christmas Eve cause no one wants to cook .

Jane said...

My favorite tradition is that we like to open our presents at midnight.

Diane P said...

Trying to be responsible users we bought the new LED lights. I had to take them back because they were giving us migraine like feelings.

I love going to church Christmas Eve and coming back to either hot chocolate or red wine. I still read Twas the night Before Christmas to my grown up children. They ask for it every year.

Rosie said...

My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies . . . I love to bake and it's the best time of year and a good excuse to make lots of fun cookies. This year we are doing an exchange which will be a lot of fun!!

SandyG265 said...

We've been going out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember.

Angie Fox said...

Oh, these are fun. I'm glad I asked the question.

And you know what, Sharon? My sweet hubby went to Lowes, WalMart and Target yesterday (he was going to surprise me with lights). They're all sold out. Can you believe it? Next year, I'm starting earlier.