Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the nice list

I have to tell you how impressed I am this holiday season. I don't know what's different - I'm sure everyone still has long shopping lists and lately, less money, but it seems like everyone is in a much better mood than in years past.

This morning, I headed to the mall, almost afraid to go. But I needed an outfit for Christmas eve (we're hosting 23 family members) and I want to look nice. So into the fray I went. There was the same frenzy of last-minute shoppers, the same lack of parking spaces, but everyone was nice.

On the way in, at a cross-roads where two lines of cars met, everyone took turns. People chatted in line. The clerks were available...and helpful. It was so strange. Yet neat. Yet, well, strange. I had that same experience on Black Friday, the last time I tried to get out for a good chunk of time and get things done. Everything else I did online because I figured it would be too crazy otherwise.

So what about everybody else? Are you noticing better crowds this year, or did I just get lucky?


Blodeuedd said...

My friend works at a bookstore and she says it has been hell, and people have been yelling for no reason :(

Angie Fox said...

Gah. I was afraid I was just getting lucky. And who yells in a bookstore? Bookstores should be the happiest places around.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

I wish I knew, but I've been staying away from stores recently. My terrible sense of balance doesn't like places that are too crowded to let me choose my own walking pace. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin