Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Calendar

As New Year’s rituals go, this one is pretty basic: at the beginning of the year, I always put away my desk calendar and replace it with the new one that I find in my Christmas stocking (thanks, Santa!). This year is no exception and that’s what I did this morning. While I was at it, I kept track of all the little bits and pieces and reminders I found tucked away in last year’s calendar. Here’s what the treasure hunt revealed:

A two-for-one coupon to Panera. That will come in handy next week; I’ve got lunch date there with a friend.

The contract reminding me I’m speaking at the Lakeland Community College Writers Conference on March 26. Very important to keep front and center, especially before I had that new calendar to mark the date.

A note about doc appointments. Ditto above. Now that I’ve got that new calendar, they’re all written down, and I can get rid of one piece of paper off my desk. It’s history.

My son’s social security number. Go figure.

A card that gives me a special deal on a prescription I recently had filled. I’ll pay no more than $25, it promises. Since the prescription ended up being free, I guess I don’t need it.

An Akron Beacon Journal review of "Tomb with a View" sent along by a friend.

A friend’s mother’s cell phone number. You never know.

A cover flat for "Tomb with a View." It’s time for covers for "A Hard Day’s Fright," the next book in the series, so I think this one can be filed away.

A wallet-size photo, my daughter’s high school graduation picture. She’s 31 now.

A knitting pattern. I’ll probably never make the "Super Knitted Poncho," but it’s adorable, and a reader had it on at a signing and was kind enough to send me the pattern.

A friend’s daughter’s cell phone number. Another you-never-know.

An insurance identification card that belonged to my husband before we were married. Why do I have it? I have no idea!

How about you? What are you New Year’s rituals? And what did you find tucked in your 2010 calendar?


Angie Fox said...

I'm big on marking birthdays. About five years ago, I forgot a friend's birthday because I didn't think I needed to write down birthdays anymore. Now that's the first thing I do when transferring calendars. That and I always find a mountain of receipts!

Sharon S. said...

I have a file cabinet where I keep everything important through out the year (makes doing taxes real easy). Every Jan I go through it (with the shredder at my feet) and weed. I also go through the things I got from my kids (stories, pictures, what nots). I keep my calender for one year (in a file) so I can use it to look up old doctors appointments, phone numbers I jotted down and forgot to put in my addy book. It is kind of a diary of my year. In on my new calender I put birthdays and book releases . Shredding is so much fun!