Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So What's Your Sign?

Did you catch all the hoopla last week about astrological signs changing? The story was all over the internet and even on the local and national news programs. Over the last x-thousands of years, stars have moved, the earth has tipped and wobbled, and the astrological signs we thought we’d been born under are all wrong.

At least that’s what the reports said.

Turns out it was much ado about an astrological nothing. Yes, the universe is expanding. Or is it contracting? No matter. Yes, the planets and stars and constellations are all shifting around up there, just as they have for countless of millions of years. None of this was news to astrologers, and the only system of astrology affected by all this change is one followed in places like China and India. "Western" astrology, what we’re all following when we check our horoscopes online or in newspapers or magazines, hasn’t changed at all.

Sure, like lots of other people, I read my horoscope every day. I check the one on my Yahoo homepage and another one on a site called They rarely say the same thing, and after I’m done reading them, I promptly forget what my day is supposed to have in store for me. I never go back and re-check at the end of the day to see if they were right on, close, or no cigar, either. So to me, this whole thing about signs changing would pretty much have been a non-event. That is, if a couple weird things didn’t happen because of it.

Me? I skimmed the story when I saw it on line, and would have gone about my day if my phone didn’t ring. It was my friend, Carole, born just five days after me (and in the same hospital, too) and she was up in arms.

"I’ve always been an Aquarius, and I’m not changing now," she said.

We talked about it. Then she started sending emails. The "new" system said she was a Capricorn and she sent a list of Capricorn qualities along with a note that said, "This isn’t me." (She was right, she’s nothing like a Capricorn.) interesting and passionate reaction. And not the only time last week I heard it. The subject came up at a meeting we attended on Sunday, and countless times over at FaceBook. Then I was in the waiting room at a doctor’s office when an elderly woman named Florence walked in. We’d seen each other there before, and I knew she was an avid bowler and that she had a knee replacement a year ago.

Florence said good morning, plunked down and said, "I’ve been an Aquarius for a long time. Nobody’s going to make me change now."

I do not bring this up to point fingers at those born under the sign of Aquarius. The fact that Carole and Florence are both late January babies is mere coincidence. I do think these reactions are interesting from the standpoint of identity. I know how Carole feels about astrology, much the same way I do. She reads her daily predictions, then does what she’d do anyway without thought to them. And I bet anything if you asked Florence’s opinion of omens and signs, she’d say it was a bunch of bunk.

Yet both these women clearly identify themselves according to astrological traits, and neither was willing to change that identity. No way. No how. They had both been "labeled" as Aquarians at birth, or at least at that point where they could read about astrology and figure out their own sign, and that label was so important to them, it said something about who they were, something that rang so true and felt so right, they weren’t even going to consider having it any other way.
So what do you think? And how did you feel about the change that wasn’t a change?

I’m an Aquarius, too, and I wasn’t nearly as upset. But then, I was born on the "cusp," the day one sign changes to the other, so I already have some of those Capricorn traits Carole wanted no part of. I wonder, though, had they suggested an even more radical change and told me I was something like a Saggitarius, how would I have felt?

I can’t say, but something tells me I might have been just as upset as Carole and Florence.


Blodeuedd said...

I do not believe in horoscopes and so on, but as for being a sign, I was the perfect pisces, everything fitted my personality. Now I am an Aquarius, and nope I am really not like that

Jess Granger said...

Me too. I liked being a Sagittarius, I took a strange amount of pride, and strength from the fact I was a fire sign with a bright and burning personality. But my intellectual self considers all of this a load of hooey.

I don't want to be an Ophiuculus, or whatever the bleep it is. Honestly, what in the heck is that supposed to even be?

Casey said...

Not to worry! In the Western system of astrology, nothing changes. So Blodeuedd, you're still the perfect Pices, and Jess, you don't need to be that weird Ophiuculus thing. Deep breaths...we're all staying exactly what we've always been!

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Whew, glad to know it hasn't changed!! I've always used the fact that I'm a double Scorpio to explain a lot of my behavior!!!! I hate to lose that!! *g*

Sharon S. said...

okay, I heard that was all a hoax. Is it? Cause when I read it I became a Taurus (no offense to any, but no) I am Gemini through and through and love it. I don't believe in any of it, but I do fit the description and for some reason very protective of it . My husband and daughter would both become the new sign too . It is a serpent holder or something like that.