Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Casting Call: Visions of Magic by Regan Hastings

Although VISIONS OF MAGIC is the first book by Regan Hastings, it’s far from the author’s first book. As Maureen Child, she has been nominated six times for the prestigious RITA award from the Romance Writers of America. Her romance novels have appeared many times on the USA TODAY bestsellers list. VISIONS OF MAGIC is Book One of The Awakening, a series of dark paranormal romances featuring a coven of reincarnated witches who must work together to vanquish the evil they called upon the world lifetimes ago. Read the first chapter of VISIONS OF MAGIC at

VISIONS OF MAGIC, the first book of my new Awakening series, has been in the stores for about a week now, so I fully expect Hollywood to come calling at any moment. To be prepared, I think it’s important to have a dream list of actors to play the major roles in the book.

I swear, this is not just an excuse to look at pictures of sexy men.

I’d like your help. The two roles we’ll be casting today will be Torin and Shea, the hero and heroine of VISIONS OF MAGIC. Let’s start with Torin. He’s an Eternal, an immortal warrior forged from the sun. His purpose in life is to guard and protect his witch-mate, Shea, through all of her incarnations until their mating ritual is complete and she becomes immortal, too. Here’s how Torin sees himself:

He knew what people saw when they looked at him.

Taller than most men, he had long dark hair that fell loose to his shoulders. He wore a black T shirt that clung to the hard muscles of his chest and abs. His black jeans and scuffed, shit-kicker boots finished off the dangerous image. His face was lean and hard, sculpted with sharp planes and angles and his pale gray eyes gave away none of his thoughts.

He looked exactly what he was.

A warrior.

And here’s how Shea sees him when they first meet:
Shea jolted and spun around at the sound of the voice. A man stood in the middle of the room. Well over six feet tall, he looked tough, dangerous and too damn good. But it wasn’t just the raw sexual energy that shimmered off of him in thick waves that drew her attention. It was the sense of...familiarity she felt. As if she knew him. Had known him. His black hair hung to his shoulders, his broad chest was covered by a blood red shirt and his faded black jeans clung to muscular thighs. His arms were folded across his chest and his pale gray eyes were fixed on her.

For Torin, we need an actor who is more than a man, someone godlike and intimidating. Dark, dangerous… a man who would look good with a flame tattoo wrapped around his muscled chest.

Let’s pause for a moment to think about muscled chests.

The heroine, Shea Jameson, is an everywoman who finds her fierceness in the course of the book. We need an actress who can evoke vulnerability, and turn it into a kick-ass, take-no-prisoners personality. Here’s how Shea looks in Torin’s eyes:

He leaped to his feet, scanned the ground below him and spotted his witch on the far side of the prison yard. Her long red hair lifted like a flag in the wind and she waved both hands high over her head. He smiled to himself, noting that Shea Jameson wasn’t cowering. She was standing tall and proud and his unbeating heart filled with admiration.

Who would you cast in the roles of Torin and Shea?


Casey said...

OK, my apologies to all...I posted this for Regan/Maureen and did I leave that much empty space at the end of the post? My technical skills are not what they should be.

I do, however, know a darned good book when I read one, and Visions of Magic is a winner. Fabulous story, fabulous writer. A winning combination!

Angie Fox said...

Welcome, Regan! I love the idea behind Visions of Magic. And eye candy is *always* appreciated. Glad you could join us today!

Blodeuedd said...

I am so bad at things like this but ok let's think...

I am just going with personal favs ;)
Hugh Jackman


Let's keep portman

Maureen Child said...

Casey, thanks for having me here--and since I"m a serious technodweeb, you have my sympathies and appreciation for posting it for me!

Sorry I wasn't here sooner-away from home all day today for some reason!

and thanks for the nice words on VISIONS

Maureen Child said...


Thanks! I really had a GREAT time writing VISIONS and taking another new name is always a good time!

Hugh Jackman?? Now that's eye candy.

Maureen Child said...


Thanks, I'm a Hugh girl, too! And okay, Natalie's pretty enough. But we're going to have to die her hair.