Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Last of the Demon Slayers paperback edition is out!

Hey, guess what I learned today? The Last of the Demon Slayers print edition has released! Nothing like a little warning, right? But that's okay because I'm fall-down excited to have it out there. I'm just so proud of this book - it was such a fun story to write. And it's been a crazy journey, from my publisher having issues, to me deciding to take the reins and make sure all of my readers could get their hands on The Last of the Demon Slayers.
Now I will tell you that while you can easily order the print book from the Barnes & Noble and Amazon websites, not all brick-and-mortar stores have it yet. It's still making its way to warehouses and into computer systems.
In fact, right now would be a good time to teach the biker witches some computer skills. Maybe help the process along... Alas, Grandma thinks keyboards are those things you use to prop up a wobbly table leg and Ant Eater just likes to bang the top of the monitor. Oh well. We love them anyway, right?
To celebrate the print release, I'm giving away an autographed copy on my author blog. The drawing is this weekend. Good luck!


Elie said...

Congrats Angie. I will be picking my copy up this weekend.

Angie Fox said...

Thanks, Elie. It's been crazy, but totally worth it. :)

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I've read about your crazy journey sorry this one's been so rough but glad to see the book has finally been released in paperback. I'm heading on over to Amazon to add it to my wish list.

Angie Fox said...

Thanks, Roxanne. It's been an adventure. But totally worth it.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

I'm glad this is working out for you after all. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin