Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Big Day at our House

Today is my husband's birthday, and it's a BIG one. That might help explain why I'm so late getting this blog posted today. I'm still recovering from the birthday party I hosted for him over the weekend.

Since he's the birthday boy, he gets to decide how he wants to spend his day. There's some talk of finding the oldest bars in Cleveland. Pepper Martin mysteries are set in Cleveland, and this sounds like research to me. Think I'll be able to convince the IRS?

I'd promise pictures, but my camera just died. You'll have to use your imaginations.

Unless there are mugshots, of course.


Angie Fox said...

Celebrate big! And I hope you're just kidding about those mug shots, right? Right?...

Sharon S. said...

LOL! mug shots would be great! Think of the conversations at the next Thanksgiving dinner and then you can answer that silly little FB status that goes around "we wake up in jail together, what's the first thing you say to me?"
My husband celebrates his 50th this year. The kids plan to do the whole "over the hill" thing for him .

Hope it is a happy B-day!

Shawntelle Madison said...

His and her mug shots. A couple that gets arrested together, stays together I say! ;)

Casey said...

The good police records. The better news, we had a great time visiting three of Cleveland's oldest bars. Met some wonderful people, bumped into an old friend, and got a taste of the city's history.