Monday, March 7, 2011

Caution! Upside Down Deer Ahead!

First of all, I'd like to say thanks to the Something Wicked authors for allowing me to join their fabulous blog! They are wonderful ladies!

Just like the sign to the left implies, in a deep and meaningful way LOL, I want to talk about how being different is a good thing. Take a look at our lovely sign here. I've actually seen a sign like this off the side of the road. Really. My husband and I were driving past it, and I blurted out, "Upside-down deer!" It was quite a sight and my imagination went wild about seeing upside-down leaping across the road. (And how much money I'd be willing to pay to witness this event.) This made me think later about books in general. I've always been an avid reader. My mother loved to read and she passed that on to me. My first books were the Zebra Historical Romances with the little shiny icons on the upper right hand side. They offered adventures in the Wild West to hot trysts with an Indian warrior. For me, those books were something new that I hadn't read before. (Something other than Sweet Valley High and the Babysitters Club.)

After high school, I went into college. I will admit, reading while in college was very difficult. I still read, but not as much as I wanted. But it was then that I realized that I still wanted something new, something different.

It wasn't until around 5 years ago that I was browsing at a book store, Books-A-Million in particular, and I discovered a book by Kelley Armstrong, called BITTEN. It was on the top shelf next to the new releases. The book was so different compared to what I had read lately. It had that upside down deer thing going for it. :) The cover was different as well. At the time, I was checking out the sci-fi/fantasy aisle and hoped I would find a gem. This particular book was it. I inhaled the first one and rushed back to the store to buy as many as I could. I remember thinking at the time, I sure hope she writes as fast as I'm reading them! Another title I fell in love with was S.L. Viehl's STAR DOC series. It wasn't the title that grabbed me, but the writing.

Now that I'm an author, keeping up with good books is a bit more difficult. And this has nothing to do with time. As an author, I'm part of a community of awesome folks. I see their books, which I might not have seen before, and then I turn into a kid in a candy store. Oh look, shiny! I still browse the book store aisles, but with the Internet and Google at my disposal I've turned into a book/e-book hoarder. Right now my to be read list is very long and continues to grow as new releases come out. With all those books begging for my attention it's that book that's different that will grab my attention first. I want something to fall in love with, and a good book that doesn't follow the norm does that for me.

So, with all those titles out there to read, what makes you stop and pick up a book? Is it the title, the cover, and way the author weaves their words together. I'd love to know.

As thanks for stopping by, I'm holding some giveaways! I have a copy of Jaye Wells' new release GREEN-EYED DEMON. I also have Erin Kellison's book SHADOW BOUND and Jessica Anderson's book DEMON KEEPERS. All of them waiting for a reader to give them a happy home. :) Next week I'll announce the winners. Thanks for stopping by.


Angie Fox said...

Great to have you with us, Shawntelle! I'm psyched to have you join us. And the upside down deer is too funny. I can just picture your reaction as you drove by (word to those of you just meeting her: Shawntelle is what you call enthusiastic). And thanks for bringing books to give away. We love books. :)

SandyG265 said...

I got a laugh out of the sign.

Blodeuedd said...

Welcome :D
That is one wicked cool sign

Anonymous said...

A combination of things makes me pick up a book... cover, title, description. All provided it's not been recommended already.
Re: the Sabina Kane series, both the title and the cover made me pick up Red-Headed Stepchild. Great covers on the books in that series!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Sharon S. said...

I always carry my camera with me cause you never know when you are going to see something like that.

Covers will get my attention, but the blurb will make me buy it and the writing will keep me coming back. How is that for covering all my bases .

I just bought Shadow Fall, but I really would love to try one of the other books!!! So I am going to break out the special stuff...

monkey dust, monkey dust

Rosie said...

I usually go for the author first since I have favorites that I read, then the synopsis of the book on the back cover usually sucks me in. I love the upside deer sign!

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Welcome to Something Wicked, Shawntelle!!! So glad you could join us!

mariska said...

Hi Shawntelle !
welcome :)

what makes me stop and pick up a book ? it's the blurbs. I just need to know a tiny part of the books.

uniquas at ymail dot com

CrystalGB said...

That sign is funny. For me, it is a combination of cover, title, back cover blurb or if I have previously read a book by the author that gets me to pick up a book.