Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Spring Forward Monday!

Not only do I have some winners to announce today, but I have a bone to pick with the people who came up with Daylight Savings Time. It was so hard to get up this morning. And I'm a morning person too. I don't need an alarm clock to wake up around 5:30. But technically this morning, I actually woke up late... Waking up kids an hour earlier is not fun at all. I have kids in elementary school and this morning resembled a mission impossible skit. I had to sneak in, take their covers, crack really bad jokes about why it's still dark outside, and then happily tell them they'll love getting up an hour early. (My jokes didn't work out so well.)

Okay, thanks to the website, I picked out some winners from last week's giveaway!

The winner of GREEN-EYED DEMON by Jaye Wells is Sharon S! Congrats!

The winner of SHADOW FALLS by Erin Kellison is CrystalGB! Congrats Crystal!

The winner of DEMON KEEPERS by Jessica Anderson is Rosie! Congrats! Woo hoo!

Shoot me a message so I know where you want me to send your book!

That was fun. I think I'll keep looking at the winners and not outside where I have snow! (Yeah, don't let that spring time picture fool you. It's not spring time yet. For me anyway! LOL) Something told me yesterday that I should have grilled while I had the chance.


Kristi said...

Agreed, daylight savings time sucks. So does snow at rush hour. :)

Sharon S. said...

woohoo! Thanks. I have heard so much about this book.

I had two kids to get up today. Like pulling teeth .

Angie Fox said...

My husband started changing clocks on Sunday, took a phone call and confused the heck out of me. I know that's not hard early on Sunday morning, but still.

Sharon S. said...

Hey, Shawntelle! I got my book today. Thank you!!!