Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hooray, my computer issues are fixed!!! (After many phone calls, a few forty mile trips, and much frustration! However right now, I’m choosing to see it as “all’s well that ends well!!)

Okay, so now that issue is finished (I hope!), what’s been on my mind this week? Well, I’ve been pondering my time wasting practices, which I must admit I have quite a few. (Remember Mafia Wars???) Now I have a new one—thanks to my youngest daughter, I’ve been introduced to “Angry Birds.” She convinced me that I really needed the free download on my cellphone and I agreed. Probably not the smartest move on my part—I tend to be somewhat competitive, not necessarily with others, but definitely myself. I have a tendency to think if I only do something one more time, I can do it better. And “Angry Birds” wonderfully feeds off this mindset!!

For those of you who haven’t played this game, it goes like this—on each level you’re given a certain number of birds…some explode; some drop bombs in the shape of eggs; some boomerang; etc….and your goal is to launch them toward a group of pigs (why pigs, I have no idea, but there it is!). Once the birds hit the pigs, they’re destroyed. When they’re all destroyed, you win and can move on to the next level, with more pigs and more birds. Okay, here’s the kicker, the pigs are surrounded by “stuff”—concrete blocks, glass, wooden planks, rocks—and if the bird doesn’t hit at exactly the right angle, the pig doesn’t die. I know—this sounds like the stupidest game ever invented, but they’ve added another little quirk—sound effects—and if you lose, the pigs laugh at you! Imagine how annoying it is to have a video image of a pig mocking you! It’s at that point my competitive spirit kicks in!! I will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to kill those suckers! And if I can’t? This is the really sad part—I hand my cellphone over to one of my nine year old grandsons and they do it for me!

Least you think I’m the only strange one out there—“Angry Birds” is quite popular. Either a cartoon show, or a movie, I can’t recall which, is in the works. You can even go online to a website that will show you how to win on each level.
I haven’t heard of an “Angry Birds” intervention website, but if one is created, I think I’d better join!!!

How about you? What are your favorite time wasting practices? Any other “Angry Birds” addicts out there?

See you next week—I’ve got one more pig to go before heading to the next level!



Angie Fox said...

Okay, this is bad, but as I was reading about Angry Birds, I kept thinking how much fun that sounds. But like you, I need no more time wasters.

My big one is Farmville. Probably because I tend to kill my plants in real life. But in Farmville, if I go back at the right time, they're happy and big and very much alive. At least in a cyber way.

Sharon S. said...

lol, someone on FB said their son wanted an Angry Birds themed b-day party. My time waster is Sobics School. It sends me into a zen like state . I tell myself "just one more level, then I'll quit" I love the little squeaky guy and if you lose, he cries!

(I received my signed copy of The Seventh Witch with tattoos! what a cute notecard . Thanks :)

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Angie, no matter how much fun this game sounds, I'm telling you--run, don't walk, away from this!!! 9) Once it gets its little claws into you, it's hard to break free!!!

And Sharon...thanks for giving me yet another game to potentially get hooked on!! lol On a serious note--so glad you received your book!!!

Anonymous said...

Plants versus Zombies. SO much more addicting than Angry Birds. My apologies in advance. :-)

Casey said...

And don't I feel like the class nerd . . . my favorite is online Scrabble.