Monday, March 28, 2011

My Heart's Desire: A New Title

Happy Monday, everyone! I have good news and even better news!

First of all, Spring Break at my house is over! Hmmm, that might actually be the even better news from my viewpoint. But now on the fun stuff! I have a title! I got the news from my editor last week that my book is now:


I'm so excited to have a title. It makes the process of having a book come out much more real. I even have a title for the second book in the series coming out in Fall 2012: KEPT. There are still more fun things to come like the cover so I'll just keep refreshing my email until I have some cover goodies to share with you.

The title of the book makes me think of certain things that I'd like. We are yearn, or desire for something, and my heroine Natalya is no different. Whether we want to reconnect with our families or hoard stuff in our house, there's something. For me, I covet many things:

  1. The perfect dress (that actually fits right)
  2. Might as well add on a perfect pair of jeans, too
  3. A book to fall into (because I want to stay up all night and read it)
  4. A clean house for 24 hours (not gonna happen, but hey a girl can dream)
  5. Obtain a size 6 figure by Christmas (no comment)

Okay, so a few items on my list aren't realistic, like a clean house, but it's good to want things and have goals.

What do you covet today?


Stephanie Rowe said...

Ohh... I love that title. I kinda covet it actually....

Sharon S. said...

heehee. I covet my books, probably not in a very healthy way either . Congrats on the new titles.

Angie Fox said...

Good titles, Shawntelle! I can't wait to see the covers. :)