Friday, March 4, 2011

New blogger in the house! Let's welcome Shawntelle Madison!

Something Wicked Welcomes Shawntelle Madison! Yes, we have a new blogger. Shawntelle is going to be taking over on Mondays.

She's a newly published writer. Shawntelle sold her first book this past October in a two book contract to Random House Del Rey.

The title is still pending. It was originally called Hoarding Your Howels, in which the heroine, a werewolf from New Jersey, is afflicted with a hoarding obsession and tormented by the sexy alpha male ex she still loves.

Or as Shawntelle says:
My heroine, a werewolf named Natalya Stravinsky, was an idea I plucked out of one of my husband’s medical journals. An article on obsessive compulsive disorders turned into a fun story about what would happen if the love you thought you’d always have disappeared for a period of time and then returns a few year later. Of course, when he comes back all hell breaks loose in your quiet world and you not only have to see if things can work out with him again, but you have to fix your own broken life as well. I can’t wait to share Nat’s journey!


SandyG265 said...

I liev in NJ There aren't very many paranormal books set here.

Shawntelle Madison said...

Thanks for the welcome, Angie!

Sandy, it was so much fun to write a paranormal set in NJ! Such a beautiful place.

Jane said...

Welcome Shawntelle,
Looking forward to your posts. Congrats on the book deal.

Shawntelle Madison said...

Thanks for the welcome, Jane!

Casey said...

Welcome, Shawntelle! Glad to have you as one of the Wicked women. The book sounds like a blast. Congrats on your first sale/s!

Sharon S. said...

woohoo! welcome and I look forward to hearing more about this poor hording were .