Thursday, March 3, 2011

The news as I see it

Quick note from Angie: The computer gremlins are still eating wires and dancing around on Shirley's hard drive, so I'm posting her blog for her again today. I tell you, I've got to give her credit for hanging in there. Those of you who know computers and are good at these things are no doubt saying, "You just connect port A to port B and install this other thing and oh by the way, here's a flux capaciter. I built a spare one in my garage last night. As for the rest of us? Well, we're hanging in there.

Now here's Shirley:
This is going to be a short post—I’m still working on trying to get my computer issues cleared up. (Right now I’d like to send every single person who’s ever come up with a Trojan, spyware, maleware, and all the other bugs designed to annoy, to a desert island and leave them there.)
However, something did come up this week that’s rather amusing, and once again, pointed out the dangers of shooting ones mouth off too soon (mine).
This week I received the design copy for Love Lies Bleeding. Not only does the publisher put a lot of work into the front cover, but also thought is put into how the chapter headings look—how big...what kind of font; how the back cover is designed; how the title and author’s name appears on the back; etc. And that’s what I received from my editor this week—the mock-up of how the chapters will appear, what the back cover will be, and what the first page will look like. you remember a few weeks ago when I kind of teased about how the trend seems to be to tack on the words “a novel” to works of fiction right after the title and how I thought that was silly??? I guess I’ve joined the ranks of silly. Yes, the first page reads Love Lies Bleeding —A Novel by Jess McConkey!
Get the knife and fork—it’s time to eat crow.
That’s it for this week—everyone have a good one and see you next Thursday!


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At least now you'll know your book is non-fiction.