Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Finally, the computer gods have cooperated and I'm able to post the cover of the up-and-coming "Button Holed."

The book is the first of the new Button Box mystery series. Its heroine is Josie Giancola, a thirty-something Chicago resident who, thanks to the fact that she once worked on a no-budget indie film that has since become a cult hit, is financially able to quit her job and live her dream--owning her own button shop.

Josie is one of the country's leading experts io antique and vintage buttons and she's put her heart and soul into the Button Box. It's located in a refurbished brownstone in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood and at the shop, she's carefully sorted and arranged and displayed the more than 100,000 buttons in her collection.

That is, until the book opens and Josie comes in early one day to find two burglars trashing the place. Too bad for Josie, things get even worse from there, especially when a Hollywood star who's come to Josie for buttons for her wedding gown is found murdered right there in the shop.
The police don't have much to go on, and the only clue at the scene is a button--one that doesn't belong in Josie's collection.

The book hits store shelves on September 6, and yes, I will be Kylie Logan for this series. Since there are no paranormal elements, it seemed best to separate it from the Casey Daniels name.
"Button Holed" was a lot of fun to write and I've had a great time doing research. Last week, I helped judge a button contest. But that story is a blog of another day!


Angie Fox said...

What a great cover. I just love cozy mysteries. When is this new series coming out?

Casey said...

Comes out on September 6, Angie. And I like the cover, too. The artist really did his/her button homework!

Sharon S. said...

Love the cover! Congrats :)

Rosie said...

Congrats on the new series, Casey. I love the cover!

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