Monday, April 4, 2011

The Joy of a Long Wait

So far things are going well with COVETED. Pretty soon there will be a cover shoot for my book which sounds exciting and fun! (Could I be hired on to help prepared my hero Thorn? Rub lotion, pick the wardrobe? Pretty please?)

In other news, I'm pretty excited about today. Tonight's the night I've waited for many years. I will see Jean M. Auel here in St. Louis when she signs her book, THE LAND OF THE PAINTED CAVES! I'm so excited! I've read all the books in her series since I was in high school. And well, it's been a while since Shawntelle was in high school. To have the next book come out is so wonderful. From the first time I got my hands on THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR I have loved reading about Ayla's world that Jean created. It's so rich, so vivid. As a story teller she brings the past to life and I love that about her books. I can't wait to get my signed copy today and get some of the other books in the series sighed. I promise not to go fan girl and get tasered. But if I do I'll get pictures. I promise. ;)

Has there been any books you've waited a long time to read? (As in years maybe?) I'd love to hear about them!


Casey said...

How was the book signing, Shawntelle? I once "met" a favorite author via phone (it was Elizabeth Peters and how it all happened is a long story). I promised myself I'd be cool and professional and the moment she said hello, I blurbed out, "Oh my god! I love you!" So much for cool and professional!

Sharon S. said...

"I promise not to go fan girl and get tasered"

OMG! That is funny. I think that would be me if I ever get to go to RT . I have been waiting 2 years for Karen Chance to put out her next book in the Cassandra Palmer series. It is coming very soon. It takes her 2 years for each book. Not sure why, she is a very private person.