Monday, April 11, 2011

The Joy of Waiting No More - Fangirl Monday

So far this morning has been dreary and wet outside. (Lovely.) I'm thinking hot cocoa and a warm blanket should make things warm and cozy. I'm still waiting for my copye dits--which should be tossed in my lap quite soon--but in the mean time, I had some fun last Monday at the St. Louis Public Library.

I posted on Monday that I planned to attend the book signing for Jean M. Auel, the author of the Earth's Children series. Her new book THE LAND OF THE PAINTED CAVES came out and I'm so excited to read it. (As a reward after I finish editing my current work in progress.)

Here is a picture of Jean M. Auel and I. She was so nice. Soft-spoken and she was a well of knowledge about history. During her hour long talk, she went into detail about her research, her writing life, and whether or not she plans to write more. Jean said that as a grandmother she's become quite busy. And at 75, she's still sharp and might write if the opportunity opens up in her schedule.

The room was packed! I arrived to the talk at least 15 minutes early and the seats were gone already. But I did get a nice spot at the back of the room. Right in the line of sight of Jean so that I could sit down on the floor and watch her speak.

I hope she continues to write. I love to fall into her books and can't wait to hear about her plans to write more.

Note: I didn't need to get tasered. I got a little excited. That's all. I told Jean about my fangirl tendencies and she just shook my hand with a little laugh and smile. ;)


Angie Fox said...

Oh that is so neat. I love her books! If I hadn't been out of town this weekend, I would have made you drag me along.

Casey said...

I'm so glad you had a chance to meat her, Shawntelle! How nice to have a chance to get close to someone you admire so much. Good for you!