Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last weekend, I had something very distressing happen—someone pirated the entire Ophelia and Abby series. I was successful in getting the site to take them down, and I really don’t want to start a discussion about pirating—some, even authors, are for; and some, like me, are against. And with the proliferation of e-books, I think it’s an argument that’s going to continue for some time.

However, it did start me thinking about ways readers, myself included, can support their favorite authors. The bottom line—publishing is an industry. If an author is lucky enough to sell enough units (books), I really believe that they’ll survive in this business. If not, their publisher is on to the next writer waiting to get their foot in the door, and one who might be a potential bestseller for them.

So how, given the eight hundred thousand books that are available, can one reader help ensure that their favorite authors stay on the lists? Personally, I think word of mouth is the best promotion any author can receive, and the more buzz that’s generated, the better.

If you want to help your favorites, here are just a few suggestions:

1. The most obvious one—share with your friends how much you enjoyed a certain book. I’ve discovered several new authors based on the recommendation of others.

2. If you belong to a book club, suggest that book as a topic for discussion.

3. Encourage your library to order a copy so others will hopefully enjoy the book as much as you did, join that author’s readership, and buy their next release.

4. Attend a book signing, if one is in your area and you have the time. A bookstore is more likely to invite an author back and promote that author’s work, if they (the author) were successful at drawing a crowd.

5. Go to Amazon and take the time to write a review.

6. Tweet about it.

7. Talk about it on other social networks such as Goodreads and Facebook.

8. If you have a blog, write about how much you enjoyed reading that particular book.

To me, all of the above is kind of like dropping a rock into a lake—the ripples go on and on. If you really like a certain book, a certain series—help that author create some ripples!!!

That’s all for this week—see you next Thursday!!



Sharon S. said...

So sorry about that site. I hear people talk about downloading books from "free" sites and I just don't see how that is possible. Most people think because the site is there it must be legit.

I am a book pimp! I recently got asked to be a guest reviewer at two different sites. One is romance only and the other is just about anything else .

If someone who has the same tastes in books as I do suggests a book. I will read it. Simple as that.

Blodeuedd said...

I do fear it will be more and more common, sad but true. If they become popular then it will just be too easy to dl online. One reason why I do not want print to disappear

Casey said...

Great post, Shirley. I would add--buy the book! Yeah, sounds so simple, but selling books is what the books business is all about. As authors, we need to sell, or as Shirley said, we'll get put to the side and the publisher will move on to the next author. And remember that when you buy used books, the author makes no royalties, and that sale isn't relfected in the authors sales figures.