Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There's Malice Afoot!

All right, I tried to be very clever and include a quote here from Macbeth about "malice domestic." For reasons known only to the gods of cyberspace, the blog won't let me post with that quote, something about opening and closing HTML. Whatever the heck that is. So pretend Macbeth is talking here about Duncan being dead and how "malice domestic" can harm him no more!

Ah yes, malice domestic! Thanks to Mr. Shakespeare and Macbeth for providing me the quote. You see, Malice Domestic is where I’m headed tomorrow.

What is it? Malice is a mystery writers and readers conference held every year. This year’s conference is in Bethesda, Maryland, and as always, I’m looking forward to it.

Friday features the (in)famous Malice Go Round, aka, Speed Dating for Writers. Readers gather at round tables in the hotel ballroom and writers go from table to table in pairs. Trick is, each writer has exactly two minutes to talk about his/her work, show off latest books, etc. A bell rings, the other writer talks. The bell rings, the writers switch tables and the fun starts all over again.

All told, the Go Round usually takes about an hour and a half and by that time, the writers are exhausted. It’s stressful, tiring, and I wouldn’t miss it! Always fun to get face-to-face time with readers.

Also on my schedule this coming weekend, a visit to the Crime & Punishment Museum in DC. Hoping to have lots of pics and plenty to blog about from there.

On Sunday, I’ll be on a panel to discuss using real people as characters in books. My real person is President James A. Garfield who was featured in my last year’s release, "Tomb with a View." Of course, he’s not exactly real in the book since he’s a ghost, but it should be fun, anyway.

Will send a full report next week. In the meantime, watch out for treason, steel, poison, foreign levy and oh yes, Malice Domestic!

And if you're in the Pittsburgh area, don't forget Monday's Festival of Mystery. Since the cyber Powers that Be aren't cooperating today, I won't include a link. Just check it out at the Mystery Lovers site!


Angie Fox said...

Oh I love Malice. I used to go every year as a fan. Then my books were picked up and that weekend usually conflicts with RT. I should have gone this year, though! Have a blast, wear a fun hat and be sure to say "hi" to all of the ghosts of Malice past for me. :)

Sharon S. said...

Speed dating with authors sounds fun! I would end up with soooooo many new books to buy . Look forward to hearing about your exploits.

Marlee said...

I love your writing style! Funny my last blog I just posted was about my favorite bachelorette party...I wonder what an author's bachelorette party would be like?

Anyway, great post!

Casey said...

Your comments made me remember to pull out my camera. I promise a full report!