Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Clock Is Ticking

I have a confession to make—I’ve been taking a bit of a break from writing. Not that I haven’t been working on “writer” related stuff. LOVE LIES BLEEDING is coming out in eight weeks and I’ve two big conferences coming up—DucKon in Schaumburg, Illinois June 17th and Fandom Fest in Louisville, Kentucky July 22nd. Why would these things take up so much time you might ask, but honestly getting ready for the debut and the conferences can take up as many hours in a day as writing. Here’s a partial bullet list of the things I’ve been working on:

•Finish the arrangements with the graphic designer for new business cards, bookmarks, and postcards.
•Complete the list containing the addresses of around 2k independent bookstores and libraries which are targeted to receive the above mentioned postcards.
•Order the postcards.
•Mail the postcards.
•Send editor, agent, and the publicist assigned to LOVE LIES the marketing plans.
•Contact the Animal Rescue League about a possible book signing/fund raiser.
•Finalize the arrangements for a Q&A session at the Newton Public Library to be held on July 28th.
•Tweak notes on a creative writing workshop to be given at Fandom Fest.
•Work with website designer to create a “Jess McConkey” site.

When I stop and think about all the things that I need to accomplish over the next eight weeks, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed. As I’ve said before, I do have an issue with time management and that’s a trait that isn’t always conducive to staying on task. Will it all work out in the end? Probably—as Angie and Casey can confirm, this isn’t the first time I’ve painted myself into a corner and then have to hustle like a mad woman to finish something. And this time I am getting some help—my youngest daughter is working part time as my personal assistant—that’s the good part. (She’s the lucky one who gets to address and stamp all those postcards!!) The bad part is that she’s inherited her mother’s same issues with time management. So the bottom line…can two procrastinators pull off all of the above?

I’ll let you know!



Sharon said...

We can help! We will hold you accountable here. Every time you post, you must be able to tell us at least one item from your list has been accomplished. That gives you a week to get each done.

If you don't, we get to say "bad author, no cookie for you!" and pop your nose with a newspaper. .

Good luck!

hapi said...

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