Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MASHing it up

Thanks to everyone who suggested titles last week. As I mentioned, my publisher wants a new title for my upcoming paranormal MASH series. Anyone who suggests one that I give to my editor gets a "thank you" in the book. If your title is picked by the good people at St. Martin's Press, I'll name a character after you.

I'm still compiling my list, so there is time, but if you want to take a look at the suggestions, check out last week's post and also my Facebook page. Why am I not surprised that the Facebookers went hog wild?

This week, I've also begun the second book in the Monster MASH series. Right now, I'm calling it Death Takes a Vacation, but as you know - titles change. It picks up three weeks after the end of book one and I'm having a blast so far.

It's both strange and exciting to jump into a new book. Strange, because I'm not sure what happens next.

After coming off the end of the previous book, when everything is coming together and I'm wrapping everything up, I know exactly how things need to unfold. The beginning of a book is the opposite - it's so full of possibilities that I find myself almost tripping over them.

Both are neat places to be, but so different, that it takes a mental switch (and perhaps a few M&M's) to navigate through.

And then there's this new character that I love. But that I can't introduce until about Chapter 10. It really makes sense for this to happen at that point in the book. Still, it's hard to be patient. I was never very good at holding back on surprises.

But I'll keep trying. And writing. Thanks for coming along on the journey!

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Sharon said...

I like surprises! Love hearing about your excitement for you new project :)