Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Deserve Great Books on Mother's Day

There's just something about Mondays and getting things done that you missed during the weekend. My life's definitely no different.

Yesterday was Mother's Day! Happy Belated Mother's Day to the moms out there who work so hard to keep the engine of our households running. My day yesterday went great and I got to relax and read. (Which is why I'm playing catch-up today...) Besides reading and breakfast in bed, I also took out some quality time on Netflix to watch a few bad horror movies. I'm a sucker for a fun flick to scare me, and I'm always willing to give a movie a chance. Hey, I could find something that everyone hates, but I enjoy. It's possible. Not yesterday anyway, but it's possible.

When I wasn't watching movies, I was reading. And boy, do I have a huge TBR list. To get an idea of how much I'm reading, I listed it all here. Any way, I just got my hands on DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth. A great young adult dystopian book. But I also have several e-readers on my iPAD for all my other books. Yes, you read that right. I have multiple e-reader applications on one device. I have:

It' interesting way to read my books. The iBooks is the reader for the iPad and allows me to read my ePub books and PDF based books. The majority of my books are there. The Kindle books are the ones I buy from Amazon. Since I have trouble saying no to a free book when there's a sale that app is loaded! Txtr is an iPad application that lets me read files that can only be read through Adobe Digital Editions. Basically, ADE doesn't have an application for iPad, so any books I get that would only be downloadable through that reader wouldn't be transferable to the iPad. So I downloaded Txtr and voila, I'm back in business! OverDrive is an iPad application that allows me to search and download books from my public library. It's great. I listen to a lot of audiobooks that way. Right now I'm listening to Ally Condie's MATCHED. And I have Laurell K. Hamilton's GUILTY PLEASURES on hold next. (I've waited so long to read that book so I can start the series. I even bought a copy and still haven't read it. LOL) So far, I've found though that 5 days isn't long enough for someone as busy as I am to listen to a whole book.

To celebrate Mother's Day and fulfill our need to read books to stay sane and happy, I'm having a giveaway. I got a nice stash of books from DABWAHA, so I want to share the love! For two lucky winners I have an ARC of Christine Feehan's SAVAGE NATURE and then I have a copy of Jennifer Ashley's PRIMAL BONDS. Just leave a comment to enter.

So how did your Mother's Day go? :) If you didn't celebrate, did you get outside to enjoy the weather? It was gorgeous here in Saint Louis. Perfect time for my husband to finally mow the lawn.


donnas said...

It went pretty good. Weather was great. I took my mom out to breakfast than went with her to my sisters for dinner. Nice and relaxing day.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

SandyG265 said...

We had a good Mother's Day. My boyfriend and I had a barbque for our Moms.

sgiden at

Sharon S. said...

We went out for seafood and then some frozen yogurt.

I loved the first 5 Anita Blake books. They are the ones that are 80% kick ass story and 20% smexy love. After that the percentages switch .

I really want to read Primal Bonds!

Thanks for the chance!

Shawntelle Madison said...

Sounds like everyone had a blast!

@donnas I bet your mom was happy with that breakfast. I envy your day!

@SandyG265 I can't wait to barbecue!

@Sharon S. Everyone keeps telling me I need to read them! I just got the alert that I can read the audiobook from the library so I plan to jump into the pool now!

Jackie Uhrmacher said...

My Mother's Day was pretty good, actually. The little guy is only three, but he woke up to give me a big hug and scream, HAPPY MUTTER'S DAY! lol He has a bit of a problem with the "th" sounds, so he inadvertantly spoke German for the first time, lol.

mariska said...

my mother's day just run fine. stayed at home, and Dh bought some lunch to eat together at home :)

uniquas at ymail dot com