Monday, May 30, 2011

Something Wicked welcomes Lexi George

Today, Something Wicked welcomes Lexi George, author of Demon Hunting in Dixie. She's talented. She's funny and we're excited to have her here.

I love romance. I love to read it. I love to write it.
Most of the time.
I love my heroes and my heroines. I love getting inside their minds and hearing what they’re thinking. Their emotional journey is satisfying. I enjoy creating dialogue and I love the sometimes zany secondary characters that appear out of nowhere on the page, and the unexpected twists and turns the story can take.
I enjoy building the sexual tension.
And then . . .
It. The sex scene.
I will tell you my dirty little secret. One of my favorite things about reading romance novels is the sex.
Unlike Billy Crystal’s character in When Harry Met Sally, I do not read the last page first to see how the story ends. But when I start reading a new romance, I always thumb through the book, find the culminating moment, and make a note of it. I don’t read it, mind you. But I know what page it’s on.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. It’s supposed to be about the romance and the glorious, all-conquering, life-changing love between the H and H. And that’s great too.
But I like a steaming hot sex scene. And knowing where Tab A meets Slot B in the book gives me something to anticipate.
But writing a love scene? Arggh!
How to make it romantic and sensual but not purple? You know what I’m talking about. ‘His magnificent scepter’ or ‘her steaming tunnel of love.’
It’s a quandary. Euphemisms are tricky. And as for the medical terms . . . If I were a guy, I’d be picketing Washington or NIH or wherever demanding a better word. And I’m not crazy about the anatomically correct term for the girl part either. Nothing romantic or hot about either one of those words.
So what’s a romance writing girl to do? Sometimes you just have to call it what it is. Or, rather, what you character would call it.
And, ultimately, that’s what it’s all about: being true to you characters.
The last love scene I wrote took me the better part of four days to write. It also required a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and several glasses of wine. But I did it.
Or, rather, they did it.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate writing sex scenes. But I pull my hair out trying to get it right, because love scenes are important.
Emotionally satisfying.
And darn hard to write.
So what about you? Do you look forward to The Moment in the romances you read? Do you enjoy reading sex scenes that are sweet, smoking hot, in between or all of the above? Leave a comment and have you name in the hat to win one of two copies of Demon Hunting in Dixie!


Christa C said...

Oh heck yeah I look forward to The Moment! If delivered well there's nothing better than a steamy hot sex scene with an intense build up! I prefer hot and sensual over sweet :)

Barbara E. said...

I like sweet and in between a bit more than hot and steamy, although if it's handled well, I'm all for a sexy moment, as long as it has more to do with emotions and character development than just sex for the sake of having a sex scene at that point of the book.

Sharon said...

heehee, tab A into slot B, I like that. I love sexual tension. Especially the kind that has the H and H spitting nails at each other . I don't like erotica. It comes down to the word choices the author's use.
Recently, I read a story and the "words" used to describe the female parts were straight from a XXX movie. It was like someone threw cold water on me! It didn't fit the character in my opinion.

You got me curious to see how you pulled off the smexy parts of your book! Love the red dress on your cover!

Lexi said...

Christa, you are so right. The build up is important. I like them all. I started out reading Regency novels by Georgette Heyer where there's nothing more than a kiss. But her stories are so wonderful and her characters so charming that it was enough. Then I graduated onto steamier stuff, and found out I like that too! I guess I'm just a romance junkie. Have been since the age of 13! Thanks for stopping by.

Lexi said...

Barbara, you are so right. Character development is a must. I am not into sex in a romance just for sex either. I want the H and H to be starving for each OTHER. And I'm a big fan of alpha males who fall and fall hard for a certain female. Love it when the big guys lose their head over someone for the first time. The bigger they are, the harder they fall and they make a bigger splash!

Lexi said...

Thanks for stopping in, Sharon. Glad you liked the tab A thing. Hee hee! As for triple X romances, I must admit I was a little shocked the first time I read one. But the love story was so steamy and compelling that I didn't mind. The language doesn't necessarily offend me, but I have to be invested in the characters and their love story! Then I don't mind the . . . uh . . . raunchier scenes. Shannon McKenna writes smoking hot love scenes with rough language, but backs them up with sexual tension and true love. See? Told y'all I'm a romance junkie!

Lexi said...

And before I forget, I want to say thanks to the fabulous Angie Fox for inviting me on the blog today. She is one of the nicest, most generous writers out there, and she's been especially kind to this newbie!

CrystalGB said...

Yes, I look forward to The Moment. :) I like sex scenes that are smoking hot and in between.

Lexi said...

Glad I'm not the only birty dird out here, Crystal! Hee hee. Thanks for popping by!

SandyG265 said...

I like sweet and in between. And i like scenes taht leave something to the imagination.

sgiden at

Lexi said...

Hi, Sandy! Hooray for imagination! How dull life would be without it. There is much to be said for a closed door. :)

I heard Janet Evanovich speak at RWA two years ago and she said she quit writing romance because she ran out of sexual positions. Cracked me up.

Julie said...

There's something to be said for closed doors, but I do like the steamy ones that make me fan myself! It's even better when there's been pages upon pages of build-up.

Lexi said...

I'm with you, Julie. A slow build up of ST can be good, but I also like it when they have sexual chemistry and fall completely in love AFTER the bedroom. Mary Balogh and Amanda Quick handle that kind of story well, IMO. Thanks for stopping by!

mariska said...

i love reading sex scenes...Not too please coz it will make me 'sick' :)