Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Storm Warning

I probably won’t be checking in next Wednesday. In the event that anyone notices (!), I thought I should explain myself.

I’ll be with my brainstorming group and this time, they’re coming to Cleveland!

See, once a year, I meet with four talented, wonderful and successful writing friends. We spend five days working on our current ideas, new ideas, plans for the future. Since there are five of us, we each get two half-day sessions and in that time, we can talk about any project we want.

This year, I’ll be plotting Pepper Martin mystery #9, slated for publication in October 2012. I’m pretty open to ideas so if any of you out there have a ghost you’d like Pepper to meet or some predicament you’d like to see her get into, let me know.

For my second session, I’ll be working on a very different project, the idea for a historical mystery. No, I don’t have a publisher for that one. But I’ve got this plot pounding away inside my head, and I’m intrigued. I think it’s worth discussing and at least working up a proposal. What say you readers, would you read a mystery set in Victorian England? I’m thinking dark and gothic-y, though not paranormal.

My friends arrive on Saturday and the next week will be challenging, enlightening and exhausting. One thing I know for sure, I am grateful for these wonderful writers and always eager to hear what they have to say, not only about my ideas, but about their own. Our sessions are always wonderful learning experiences.

In addition to our "regular" sessions, we’ll also be doing tarot card readings for our books and characters. Another thing to look forward to.

I’ll check in in two weeks. Hopefully by then, I’ll have some time to recover!


SandyG265 said...

Elliot Ness is buried in Cleveland and would be an interesting ghost. Or teh ghost of someone from the Revolutionary or Civil Wars.

And yes, I would read a book with a Victorian setting.

Diane P said...

How about a suffragette or some woman who had challenges in a man's world.

Casey said...

Thanks for the ideas, Sandy and Diane. Love them all. That's my problem, of course. So many ideas, so little time!

I've often thought of doing a Ness book. His memorial is at Lake View Cemetery, the real cemetery my fictionalized cemetery is based on.