Thursday, June 23, 2011

DucKon Report

I had a fantastic time at DucKon!!! (And yes, I had everything I wanted tucked away in my suitcase—I’m sure much to the dismay of the poor hotel employee who had to heft that sucker in and out of the back of my Jeep!) My publisher had very kindly sent a box of advanced reading copies for me to distribute and it was great fun handing them out to various attendees. (Initial response from a reader who’d read one of the arc’s over the weekend…a big thumbs up. Thank goodness!!) The panels were fun and it was interesting to hear the other panelists’ thoughts on the same question. The DucKon organizers were gracious and very helpful. And as always, it was great meeting and talking to readers.

But here’s the other thing that makes these conferences so much fun—I get to know other authors whom I’d not previously met. I went into this conference knowing only my good bud, Stephen Zimmer, and I knew he’d be busy ramrodding the writers’ track program. I couldn’t help but wonder if, after my panels, I’d wind up in my room, counting the ice cubes. Not the case at all—I had a great time hanging out between panels with Jackie Gamber and her husband, Dan; Michael Williams and his lovely wife, Rhonda; John Everson. Even though we all have come to this “writing gig” from different perspectives, it was wonderful spending time with them, sharing tales of time in the trenches, listening to their opinions concerning where this crazy world of publishing might be headed, and learning about how they promote their books. It was like just add water (okay, maybe a couple of margarita’s instead of the water), stir, and voila…instant friendship! And yes, these people are just as nice one on one as they appear to be when serving on a panel! I came away from the whole experience inspired and excited—ready to tackle my projects with renewed vigor.

Here’s the best part—most of them are attending Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY next month, so I’ll have the chance to see them again! It’s going to be like “old home week”!

That’s it for this week—take care and have a good one!


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Sharon said...

How cool! I met Stephen Zimmer at ConCarolina a couple of weekends ago! I am hoping to snag a copy of one of his books for review soon. Sounds like a great time. ConCarolina was my first con, ever. Now I can't wait to go to another one. Meeting new people is so much fun and seeing how I am a talker, and have something to say about everything. I am in my element