Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Writer's Life

My son and his girlfriend were involved in a car vs. semi accident a couple weeks ago. She was driving, and while the good news is that neither of the kids was hurt, her car was totaled. Last week, she asked me if I would drive her over to the rental car place about twenty minutes away so she could pick up the loaner she’ll use until she replaces her vehicle.

Now, I need to make this clear from the start–I don’t mind helping out. She’s a nice young lady and hey, my schedule is nothing if not flexible. But that day as I was driving back from Enterprise (news here, folks they DON’T pick you up and get you going, not without taking you back to the office to file paperwork, something this young lady who works many, many hours didn’t have time to do), I made a discovery.

Writers are spoiled.

Oh sure, there are deadlines and blogs to write, the occasional book signing or library appearance. But on the whole, day to day, a writer is her (or his) own bosses, and the fact is, I for one am ridiculously bound up with this notion.

Get moving and get out of the house before nine to get over to Enterprise? Without finishing my first cup of tea?

Not sit on the back porch, easing into a morning graced by the gurgling of the fountain in my fairy garden?

Schedule? Someone expects me to have a schedule?

That ride back from the rental car company made me realize how truly lucky I am. Sure, like all writers (and everyone who’s been in a job long enough to think of it as a job), there are days I can be plenty crabby about what I do for a living. But on the whole, I’ve got it good. There’s that gurgling fountain, after all, the fairy garden in the morning lights, and that second cup of tea. Consumed at leisure, slippered feet up.

This Saturday, June 11, is the kick-off for the annual adult summer reading program at the Reed Memorial Library in Ravenna, Ohio. I’ll be on hand at 2:30 to talk books and publishing and get things off to a rollicking start. If you’re in the area, stop by:

167 East Main Street

Ravenna, OH 44266

Phone: (330) 296-2827


Angie Fox said...

Yikes. I'm glad to hear your son and his girlfriend are okay. And, yes, I hear you re: the writer's life.

The other day, I was talking to one of my old friends from the advertising agency where I used to work. He's having a slow week, and is basically playing pool (broken up by the occasional ping-pong match) with the other copywriters until the client gives direction on this project.

How fun. I remember those days! And here I'd spent my day trying to re-vamp my website (and I'm so not a web guru). Then he reminded me that he'll have to write based on directions, while I get to make stuff up all day. And ultimately (even if I can't figure out what I'm doing right now) I get to decide what's on my website. Light bulb moment. All it takes is a good friend with a different angle to set you straight.

Sharon said...

lol! I know what you mean about being spoiled. I am a stay at home mom and I get a tad peeved when one of my kids has to stay home with me! The nerve! Messing with my quiet, asking me to be a mom during the day? Now with summer starting I will not have many moments to long till school starts again?

Glad to hear everyone was okay.