Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Computer Gods are Angry!

For a couple weeks, I’ve been trying–with no success–to give you a first look at the cover of my January release, “Wild, Wild Death.” Apparently, the publisher sent it in a format that doesn’t play well with whatever format it takes to plop the pic in this blog.

Well, I thought I'd finally outfoxed the gods of computer-land and had it all figured out, but I still can't get the pic to post! Anybody have any ideas? The cover came to me in pdf format, and I have been able to copy it and plunk it into a Word document. It shows there, just won't post here.


Take my word for it, it's a gorgeous cover, all done up in shades of reds and purples with Pepper at the center of it, dressed appropriately for her latest mission in skinny jeans, a tight T and her new, killer cowboy boots.

As for the book? Well, those of you who’ve read Pepper Martin mystery #7, “A Hard Day’s Fright,” know that these days, Pepper has a little extra time on her hands. She’s going to need it when she receives a ransom note. One of her friends has been kidnaped! And Pepper needs to dig up the bones of a long dead Wild West Show star and take them to New Mexico in order to get her friend back.

“Wild, Wild Death” is on sale January 3. Not a bad time of year for thinking about sunny New Mexico!

In the meantime, I'd love to share the cover. If anyone has any ideas how, let me know!


Sharon said...

like the sound of this one! Pepper digging up bones .
I use blogger and when I am putting up a post I can just click the "add pic" button and then browse to find the picture and BAM there it is. You might need to save the picture as a JPEG first. I am sure one of the other bloggers here can get it up if you send it to them...I would love to see it!

Angie Fox said...

Congrats on the upcoming release - what a cool idea, too. As far as getting the cover to load, I'm as stumped as you are. But I hope you figure it out soon, because we'd love to see it!

MarnieColette said...

Covert it to an image file. DO you have a converting program? If you have Acrobat standard you can export as a .jpg or .gif and then upload to blogger. You can try this online conversion program

If it doesn't work still and you want to send it to me I can convert for you... I have all sorts of graphic converting programs. marniecolette @ gmail

Dying to see it.

Casey said...

Talk about the computer gods being angry!!!

Marnie, I tried to take you up on your generous offer of converting the pdg to a jpeg...but my email program says yours is not a valid email address.

Think somebody's trying to tell me something???