Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Plotting in the Digital Age

Wednesday? Really? What with missing blogging last week because of my trip to Lily Dale, New York, and the holiday this week, the days are all mixed up in my head.

Which doesn’t mean I can get away from reality: vacation is over, and today is the day I start my next book. It’s Pepper Martin mystery #9 and I’m looking for an oh-so-clever title. If anyone has any ideas . . .

Now, just because I say I’m starting a new book, don’t picture me here at the computer, my fingers flying over the keyboard. Lots of thinking to do before the actual writing can begin. The first thing I’ll do is listen to the tape of the session I did with my brainstorming group back in May. We spent nearly two hours discussing ideas and twists and turns for the new plot and I’ll need to get our comments down on paper so I can consider them, and go over the notes I wrote while we were talking. Note to self: I hope I can remember how to use the playback function on my new digital recorder.

After those notes are transcribed, I’ll begin outlining the book. That can take a few weeks, and all the while, I’ll be scribbling notes and going back to the computer to add, change, delete and play with the story idea. With any luck by that time, I’ll be set to go.

In many ways, this planning and playing stage is my favorite part of working on a book. While I’m plotting, I can let my imagination run free, mess with ideas, change my mind. Yes, I do that while I’m writing, too (nothing is written in stone, not even my outline), but here at the plotting stage, the possibilities are endless.

Just thinking about it makes me eager to turn on the digital recorder. If I can figure out how to get it to work!


Sharon said...

how exciting! can't wait to see what trouble Pepper manages to find this time.

Casey said...

This is a good one, Sharon! Lots of crazy things planned for poor Pepper.

PS--loved your review of "A Hard Day's Fright." Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the book.