Friday, July 15, 2011

So Much Going On!


I'm so sorry for the late post today, but my computer is on the fritz. I'm sneaking on between surgicial visits with the ER doc to try to post this. I'm guest blogging today over at Sizzling Hot Books today, so come visit and win a free book giveaway!

I've been all over the blogosphere this month doing interviews and guest blogs, so rather than try to clutter it up with another one, I thought I post the links and topics below, so you can pop over and investigate those that interest you!

A Q&A about conflict, passion and what I'd do with a million dollars. Love Romance Passion

A craft Q&A Joan Swan's fantastic blog

How I inspire myself when the going gets tough. The Long and Short of it Reviews

Excerpt and tidbits about my book TOUCH IF YOU DARE Casablanca Authors

Get the Scoop on the world of the Soulfire series. Star-Crossed Romance

My not-so-easy path to publication RomConInc

What is most important, Voice or Story?  Over the Edge Reviews

A fun Q&A on assorted topics  PonyTails Book Reviews

More guest blogs and book giveaways are coming next week, so pop on over to the News section on my website for more details! 


Sharon said...

boy, the person that interviewed you over at LRP is so professional! I'm not saying...I'm just saying ;)

Stephanie Rowe said...

she is a rock star. Totally.