Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome Stephen Zimmer

Hi everyone—we have a guest today, our friend Stephen Zimmer. For those of you who are familiar with Stephen’s work, the third book in his Rising Dawn saga will be coming out in just a couple of weeks. For those of you who aren’t, check out not only the Rising Dawn saga, but also his Fires in Eden series. (CROWN OF VENGENCE, the first of that series, won the 2010 Pluto Award!) Without further ado, here’s Stephen!


It is great to be back visiting with the Something Wicked audience! First
of all, I would like to thank Shirley for giving me the opportunity on her
blog slot today to introduce my third book in the Rising Dawn Saga, The
Seventh Throne, which comes out in just a couple more weeks.

If you haven’t read my work yet, hopefully this will give you a little
perspective on where I am coming from. I won’t go into a long synopsis
that can be found on a website like, but I will give you an
idea of the kind of book this is, and the series it is a part of.

As an author who writes series (I have another active series, the epic
fantasy Fires in Eden series, with two installments, Crown of Vengeance
and Dream of Legends, out right now), I have to say that I am very excited
to have my first “book three” out. In many ways, I feel a book three is
rather pivotal for any particular series that is planned in excess of a

In book one, The Exodus Gate, I set the foundation, introduced the core of
the ensemble cast, and unveiled the central plotlines anchoring this
adventure. Book two, The Storm Guardians, accelerated the action and
expanded the scope of the tale. With the foundation in place, I could
spread my wings a little more. The Seventh Throne kicks in the
afterburner, and is the book where much that has been hinted at in the
early stages begins to pay out.

From a quest by a courageous, small group of spirits into the Abyss, to a
resistance against an increasingly dystopian climate in a parallel world
similar to our own, The Seventh Throne is loaded with action and
significant revelations regarding the saga.

The shape-shifting An-Ki are back in the thick of things, as are their
primary nemesis, the Nephilim, who are the focus of a major development in
this third book. From out of body travelers, to secretive, ancient orders
on both sides, to the foreboding realms of the demonic beings Set and
Ares, this new title features a range of new things that are built solidly
onto the elements established within the first two books.

For those that have enjoyed the references to mythical and paranormal
elements, The Seventh Throne offers even more, with particularly heavy
dosages of Greek, Egyptian, and Sumerian/Akkadian lore. Just wait until
you meet Anat, a consort of Set, who was the basis for one of the
illustrations that Matthew Perry chose to do for this one!

This is a somewhat unique series that is not the easiest to classify. I
call it epic-scale urban fantasy, and unlike my other series it is not
easy for me to relate it to an existing series. The word epic sometimes
threatens to scare off a potential reader who is into more common types of
urban fantasy, but what it means is that the story threads in this saga
are part of a large tapestry. At times, I zero in on the singular
thread, and at other times I pull back to show a little more of the
tapestry itself. There is no question that the backdrop of this saga is
large, but the use of character threads keep the reader connected on a
relatable level.

I have an ensemble cast of characters, very diverse in nature, all of whom
have something of significance to contribute to the story. I’ve found,
to my great pleasure, that there is no singular character that has stood
out as the favorite among my readers. In the feedback I have gotten,
their favorites have been distributed all across the ensemble, as they
have found a particular one to bond with or relate to.

It is a series that has elements of thrillers, horror, science fiction,
and the flavors of dystopian and apocalyptic spheres for good measure.
Heavy paranormal and supernatural elements are woven into a modern
setting, with a fantastical core. All of this blended together forms what
I call epic-scale urban fantasy.

Once again the wonderful artist Matthew Perry is back, producing another
set of illustrations. Over the three books, the count has pushed past the
35 mark now, in terms of the body of artwork associated with this series.
This is a very unique collection of artwork that you will rarely find on
any level, major press or small press, and has become an element that the
readers have really enjoyed.

I invite you to give this growing series a closer look, and you just might
find something a little different in the realms of urban fantasy. This
series explores the potential of urban fantasy, to create something as
immersive and rich in characters and plot as anything found in traditional
epic fantasy.

Don’t just take my word for it either. Please visit, and read
the customer reviews, or hop on over to my site at
and peruse the reviews page with links to a significant number of reviews
of each of my books.

The Seventh Throne, like its predecessors, is not a light beach read. But
if you give it a dedicated reading, there are layers and layers of payoffs
for the reader, including new ones every time you journey through the saga

So for now, I must conclude, but I thank all of you for taking a few
moments to allow me to introduce The Seventh Throne and the Rising Dawn
Saga! Give it a try, and you may well find yourselves discovering a
unique, engaging literary realm within the annals of urban fantasy!

Connect with Stephen at his blog, FaceBook, or Twitter.
A very special limited edition hardcover of The Seventh Throne is now up
for pre-order at (limited to 75 signed and
numbered copies).


Angie Fox said...

It's great to see you here, Stephen! The Seventh Throne and the Rising Dawn Saga sound fantastic. Congrats!

Scott M. Sandridge said...

Go Erishkigal!
Heh. Just had to say that. :)

sgzimmer said...

Angie: Thanks so much! This series has been with me (in development) for many years, and I'm really excited about reaching a "book three", as I think it really solidifies the way I approach a series as a whole.

Scott: THIS is the book where the setups in the first two books regarding Erishkegal really pay off in droves. Lots of Erishkegal in The Seventh Throne. Won't give you spoilers, but let's just say you find out what happened after she crossed the Veil to spare the outcast Nephilim in The Exodus Gate.

Chase Barch said...

Stephen your Rising Dawn Saga has been a wonderful read! I just finished book two and I am waiting with bated breath for the third installment!

Sharon said...

Looking forward to trying The Exodus Gate. It would be an out of the box read for me. Thanks for blogging today :)

sgzimmer said...

Chase: my editor is very excited about this third installment, and I think you'll love how it builds and accelerates!

Sharon: As true epic-scale urban fantasy, it is somewhwat out of the box, but if you are comfortable with epic fantasy, then I don't think you'll have any problems! For urban fantasy readers it really is something new and different, I believe strongly.

Robert Eilers said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the first two books of the Rising Dawn series and look forward to the coming Seventh Throne installment. I want to see the An-Ki kick some Nehpilim butt along with the Convergence. Don't like that bunch at all.

Gwen Mayo said...

I am glad to see your new book coming out and amazed that you find time to write. Are you sure you don't have a clone?

sgzimmer said...

Robert: Huge revelation in this book, and let's just say that the An-Ki do have a little action... :)

Gwen: I always protect at least one writing session a day, at least one in the morning. It is my favorite time of day too! LOL