Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't mess with books

Oh my. Big news today. It seems like the state of Texas has decided to protect its citizens from romance novels.

That has got to be the biggest issue facing taxpayers, right? Except for budget shortfalls, a failing infrastructure, severe cuts in education... but, as soon as we take care of those sassy books, all of our other pressing problems will go away. Right?

They're suing author Christy Craig, her publisher (Hachette Book Group) and Barnes & Noble over the use of their trademark motto, Don't Mess with Texas.
"The book," TxDOT's suit says, "contains numerous graphic references to sexual acts, states of sexual arousal, etc." Selling it at Barnes & Noble, which sells many TxDOT materials with the slogan, would cause irreparable harm, the agency says.

Maybe the city of Las Vegas needs to get busy suing the makers of the movie What Happens in Vegas. I hear there might be s-e-x in that one, too.

Then the citizens of both Nevada and Texas can rest easier at night, knowing their tax dollars are being put to good use. In the mean time, I think I'm going to buy a copy of Christie Craig's new book.


Saranna DeWylde said...


Gail Hart said...

This could be great advertising - Christie has the state's enorsement of her book as HAWT! The quote could also be cover blurb material:

"Contains numerous graphic references to sexual acts and states of sexual arousal."
- Texas Dept. of Transportation

Angie Fox said...

Ha! Good point. "Sexy enough to make an entire state hot under the collar!"

Amanda Bonilla said...

First of all, this is a gross waste of taxpayer money. Secondly, I am SO sick of people equivicating romance novels with porn. I think I feel a ranty blog post coming on! ;)

kerribookwriter said...

LMAO @ Gail. Love it! Cover quote magic there.

The entire thing is ludicrous. It is supposed to be their big "anti-litter" campaign. How about littering the court system with a waste of tax money?

Beyond that...I'm so sick of uneducated men calling every single romance book a 'bodice ripper'. Can you get any more lame than this article?

Angie Fox said...

So true, Amanda. I think deep down, this whole idea of romance = porn stems from a fear and a bias against women's sexuality. These are stories about healthy, passionate attraction. How is that out of the norm or shameful?

Angie Fox said...

We can talk about serial killers, but we can't talk about sex. Oh no! Run for the hills!

Can you tell this has pressed a few of my buttons?

Angie Fox said...

Yes, Kerri. What is it with the bodice ripper talk? I want to lock some of these people in a room with a good book.