Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh no. Angie's drawing conclusions again

Hey, you know what? It's one week since the whole house cleaning paradigm shift and the house is still clean. I'm kind of amazed at that. And I'm not. Because I've had this theory for awhile and it's interesting to see it played out on my (mostly) clean floors. It's the goofy-dumb-things-in-life-inertia theory (And yes, I had to re-spell inertia about ten times before spell check approved it. Take that all you scientific types.)

Basically the theory is this - whatever path you set yourself on, once you're really on it - people and events will line up to keep it going that way. This in no way applies to the start of any project, when the world throws giant flaming marshmallows at you and evil dragons pop up in the form of friends, foes and (potentially) nosy in-laws. I'm talking about once you've established your new normal.

Like with the house. The floor is pristine. So people are picking up the shoes and socks and random pieces of paper that they'd normally let collect. It's easy to see one piece of junk, so you pick it up without thinking. And I know they're not thinking because I'm always saying to my family, "hey, go get that thing you just dropped," and they agree and then they forget.

Or here's a good example. When my mom was fifty-something, she announced she was going to college for the first time. I wish I could say everyone jumped right on the band wagon, but in truth, our initial reactions were more like, "Hmm...are you sure?" She said yes and that she was going to be a nurse and that she'd just work with geriatric patients so she'd feel young. We thought that was pretty funny, but darned if she didn't start getting her high school transcripts together and applying to schools. And then these scholarships popped up and lo and behold, she's a nurse now. Once she got over the initial doubt and those initial humps, it happened.

And I have to tell you, it's comforting in a way. Because sometimes when you start that new project, there's no end in sight. And there are the dragons, and the marshmallows. Heck, I'm starting a new short story today and there are enough flaming marshmallows around here to make s'mores. But I guess that just means it's time to remember to push forward, and hope that the universe lines up the way it should.

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Sharon said...

great outlook :) When life throws you flaming marshmallows. Make s'mores! It's better than lemonade