Monday, August 29, 2011

Shiny Distractions

Other than finishing my galleys, (big yay!), I'm spending the week preparing for my trip this weekend to Atlanta where I plan to attend DragonCon. I'm so excited about this trip. I've attended large conferences before, but nothing like this. If I remember right, my last big conference was the Game Developers Conference in California. (Geek alert!) I have no plans to wear a costume or embarrass my family with antics that might make it onto Youtube. What I do plan to do is hopefully see the True Blood panel and go fan girl with some of my favorite authors like Charlaine Harris and Robert Sawyer. If I see any celebrities I will be tweeting and taking pictures like any squeeing and screaming fan--quietly screaming, I hope.

I'll be sure to do a blog post with a bunch of fun pictures and things from my trip!

Right now I'm supposed to wrapping up my second book, but I have a huge TBR pile calling out my name and I just got an iPhone to replace my cell phone. Now I'm what you might call a frugal person. I really don't feel the need for bells and whistles. But after I got my phone (not the latest model either LOL) I just keep picking it up since it was a lovely shiny distraction. Since I have an iPad I already play a bunch of games. But now I'm in even more trouble since I can play on either device. Eeek! Instead of just making phone calls or doing text messaging, I can waste perfectly valuable time reading a book using Kindle or playing Bejeweled. And Pumpkins vs Monsters. And Tiny Wings. And Dungeon Raid. And Plants vs. Zombies. (Is this where I say I spent all day working on my book?)

I don't see a problem at all... ;)

I'm putting down the shiny distraction and getting back to work like a good girl--after I just finish this one level...

Before I forget, if you like reading urban fantasy, I'm giving away all three books in Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series over on my blog on Thursday. Just stop on by and leave a comment to potentially win! Everyone have a great week!

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Sharon said...

haha. My iPad is very distracting too. Have fun at Dragon Con. Look forward to hearing about your trip. I will be sure to pass on your contest info!