Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Giving an ARC a day this month!

Happy Tuesday! I have some fun news this morning. I'm giving away an advanced reading copy per day on my Facebook author page. It wasn't a huge planned thing. But I had this box of ARCs, and I had this new Facebook page and, well, it's kind of that old commercial with the chocolate and the peanut butter. They just go better together.

Now these are ARCs for The Real Were Wives of Vampire County. It doesn't release until October 25, but I've got copies to burn. Just "like" the page and you're entered to win. The book is getting great reviews, too. So, to sum it up - free books that don't suck. Get yours today.

Okay, off to go mud wrestle a different novella. There are a bunch of us contributing to an anthology to benefit Novelists Inc. It's me, Katie MacAlister, Patricia Rice...and a bunch of other authors whose names are on an email somewhere. Anyhow, I'm doing biker witches and wouldn't you know it? They're getting a bit out of hand. So wish me luck and in the mean time, go see if you can snag a free book!

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