Friday, September 16, 2011

My Socks

Hi, my name is Stephanie Rowe. I'm a professional, I'm a career woman, I like people to take me seriously. And these are my socks. They're a little hard to get on (labor intensive, anyone?). They're a wee bit uncomfortable (not a huge fan of material between all my toes). But I love them. L-O-V-E. LOVE.

Why? Because these socks have attitude. They say things I don't always have the courage to say with my mouth or my pen. These socks are about daring the world to tell me I have to conform, and then thumbing my nose at them. These socks are cheerful, bold, high energy--all of the things I wish I was, and so often am not. These socks announce to the world that I am not afraid to be different. That I'm not afraid to buck the system. And even if I am sort of afraid? These socks empower me to do it anyway.

These socks give me spirit, energy and hope on those days when my dreams, even my little ones, seem so far away. So hopeless. Even foolish.

Guess what? Your dreams are attainable and worthy, and you are worthy of having them. 

But to get there, you need your special socks. Or your pen. Or your mantra. Or whatever it is that lights a fire of hope and energy under you. 

Because you never get anywhere wonderful if you don't have strength, or courage, or attitude. The best things in this world aren't handed to us as we roll out of bed in the morning. You have to fight for them. You have to take risks to get them. Sometimes you have to be far more patient than you want, while still plowing forward with every fiber of your soul. But if you get there...No. WHEN. But WHEN you get there, it will be because you've left a mountain of socks like this strewn in your wake, and because you're pulling on a new pair as we speak.

Stand out. Be bold. Dare to have your dreams, and then dare to fight for them.

These are my socks. Where are yours?


Sharon said...

:) love the socks. I envy my teenage daughter, She wears what she wants and doesn't care what others think. Some of you may have seen her pictures I post on FB. She wore a real fox tail (tied to the back of her jeans) to school on the first day. When we go places people are always sneaking pictures of her with their phones .

Keep wearing your socks!

Kylie said...

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voip services said...

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Chrisbails said...

i love socks also. My socks are on my feet. My nine year old and I share socks and now we share shoes. I love the toe socks. they are fun to wear. She has been getting some cute ones, because now mommy and her share shoes. I still won't share my UGGS with her, and she does not understand why. I told her mommy paid a lot of money for those and mommy is the only one wearing them.