Monday, September 19, 2011

Out with the old, in with the New

Today's a busy morning for me. Before I run some many errands my head won't be on straight, I have 1-800-Got-Junk making a visit. That means everything in the house that is horrifically big and gargantuan that is of no use to us must be tossed out.

I find it amazing how much one household accumulates over time. With three kids, I have so many things that worked years ago that barely turn on now. They had great memories associated with them, and for a brief moment, it will hurt to let them go. I'm not one to hold onto broken things though. I actually hate clutter and since I live in a house where entropy seems to be in full effect, today's a happy day. Now that I'm taking a mini-vacation from writing, it's time to tackle the madness which is my home.

Goodbye broken dresser. Have a nice day, trashed mattresses (and those really, really needed to go)! Don't let the door hit you in your happy place broken-tv-stand-where-I-smashed-my-finger-good-God-that-hurt-so-bad! Farewell exercise machine that was sadly broken and hardly used.

Okay, so some of the stuff doesn't have the best of memories, but I feel good to have the load of more stuff off my shoulders. You'd be surprised what a decluttered house can do to brighten the whole place up. :) And now that I have more space, would it be so bad to go shopping?

And now for the fun part of my post today: the winner of the book giveaway from last week. The winner is Na! Congratulations! Yay! Just shoot me an email with your contact information and I'll send you the book with some other goodies I grabbed at DragonCon.


SandyG265 said...

I hired someone to clean out my Mom's attic and basement several years ago. It was worth it.

Na said...

Thank you! An email is on the way :)

Our family just did a huge cleanup of the house, every few months we haul away what we don't need or use. Some things are hard to let go off, but the home does feel much brighter afterward. It's a moment a relish in.

Sharon said...

we are having a yard sale soon. I am putting everything into the guest room right now. I cleaned out my closet last week. This week I tackle the attic! Woohoo!

voip services said...

It was worth it

Shawntelle Madison said...

Sharon, if I get my work done today I definitely plan to clean out a closet that has been begging for me to clean it out.