Monday, October 3, 2011

Archon Adventures!

Happy Monday all!

Since it's my birthday and the day I get to post on Wicked Authors, I get to tell you about the fun time I had with Angie Fox over at ARCHON in Collinsville, IL.

I didn't get there until around 3 on Friday afternoon, but the conference was already in full swing. My timing was flawless since I arrived just as Angie was signing books. I got her to sign a copy of MY ZOMBIE VALENTINE. As you can see by the picture below, Angie's very serious when she signs a book.

After that we hung out and browsed the dealer area where Angie signed more books for her readers and I snagged a Pikachu back pack for my daughter and a Star Wars toy for one of my sons.

On Saturday, I had both of my panels with young adult author Cole Gibsen and had a blast! It was great to talk about some of the young adult books I've read and look forward to reading. I even got a few new ones for my never-ending TBR pile. I ate lunch with Angie, Cole, and urban fantasy author Kasey Mackenzie. She's an absolute delight and it was great chatting with her.

Darth Vader and moi

Looks like somebody paid to have this man arrested by Darth Vader and crew! (For 20 minutes anyway!)

Wicked authors trying on corsets. You'll have to wait to learn what we got and what conference we plan to wear them at. ;)

Want to see all the photos I took? Check here.

The end of Saturday went off with a bang with the masquerade ball. I didn't take any pictures, but let me tell you a lot of love went into those costumes. Everyone did a great job of going into character and showing off their work!

I didn't get a chance to go to the conference on Sunday due to a family football trip, but I had so much fun for the two days I got to hang out with everyone!

Of course I couldn't end have a post without a giveaway since I'm about to have an awesome day!

Shawntelle's B-Day Giveaway:

Cheryl Brooks - VIRGIN
Gift Card for a free Loveswept Book
Angie Fox Romance Trading Cards (I wrestled them from her!)
A Little Mayhem Never Hurts - Debut Urban Fantasy Authors Sampler with Me, Amanda Bonilla, and Sandy Williams
(And I'll even add a few more RTC and goodies on top of that!)

I have another giveaway over at Magic & Mayhem for Sandy Williams' upcoming urban fantasy THE SHADOW READER. Just leave a comment to be entered.

Just leave any comment about your weekend went to be entered. Hope you have a great week!


rainie72 said...

Happy Birthday!!! please enter me in this contest. As for mu weekend, well I spent my weekend finishing up the Chase Brothers series by Lauren Dane, they were a gift, loved them. And I helped my daughters' friend move.

donnas said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I didnt do a lot this weekend other than enjoy the weather. It was beautiful here.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Amanda Bonilla said...

Happy Birthday, Shawntell! I have to say, that pink corset is too cute! I hope you bought it!

Na said...

Happy Birthday Shawntelle! Thanks for sharing your Archon adventure with us. I forgot all about Pikachu until you mentioned him. I may even have a teddy of him somewhere.

Well my weekend was pretty uneventful but I did get in a lot of reading. It was relaxing :)

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday! Love the corsets. They are one of those things I would love to buy, but probably never will .

I had to play soccer mom all weekend. Yuck!

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing with us! A group of friends and I went to relive our childhood by seeing Lion King 3D at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood this weekend. :)

Happy birthday!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday!! It's so cute that you are giving away presents on your bday :)

I just got back from a 2wk overseas trip (work) & spent the w/end recovering. I don't do well travelling, I was miserable the whole time.

CrystalGB said...

Happy Birthday! I had a very busy weekend. It was my parents' 60th wedding anniversary and we had a celebration.

SandyG265 said...

We didn't do much this weekend since we were heading out on an overnight trip to NY on Monday.

mariska said...

Happy Birthday..count my name in :)
our weekend, my hubby went fishing with his friends. so i just stayed at home with our two boys :)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Chrisbails said...

Happy bday. I will celebrating my 40th bday on Oct 15. You and your friends look like you guys had a great time. Love Darth Vader and would of loved to have my picture with him. The corset were very sexy. I want one. I am having a big bday party on October 15th at my house so have been getting the house ready for that, plus a little winter clean-up. Just finished reading Ashlyn Chase's The Vampire Next Door and loved it.
Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.
Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize pack, would make a great bday present.LOL. Thanks for the giveaway.

LadyDamonayde said...

It was great seeing you at Archon! The YA panels were great!