Monday, October 24, 2011

Expectations as a Reader

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend! I suppose I could say I had the most epic weekend ever, full of adventures and intrigue. But, alas, I got my editorial notes for KEPT so I spent the weekend in front of my laptop working. I had a nice chunk of notes and the weekends are my peak time to get things done as far as work. So no fun.

On Magic & Mayhem last Wednesday I talked about some of the things I think that are important as a reader that I expect from authors. 

Here is a recap of WHAT MATTERS TO ME:

1. Write the best book you can write.

2. If you write a series, then keep me a happy customer by keeping those releases coming out at a decent interval.

3. Keep up with your fan mail and please reply.

4. Answer emails even if they aren’t fan mail. 

5.  Help me find you and read your awesome books.

Now most of these are pretty much no-brainers. Like any other reader, I've had my fan-girl moments where I've read a fabulous book and I can't wait to tell the author how much their book moved me. Hell, I even emailed an author once after I was bailing my eyes out from reading her work. If you can get me to cry like Niagara Falls, you can expect an email--just sayin'. But when I write that email and it heads out into the void to never return--well, that's kind of disappointing. I do understand that emails can head into spam or get lost, but it would be nice to emails back from authors if you tell them how awesomesauce their work is. 

The last one on the list is a bit of a pet peeve of mine since I work as a web developer. Have you ever found a fabulous book at the store and it's book #5 in a series? That person is ALWAYS me! I have some kind of magical mojo to where I always find like the second to last book in a series. Then when I search for that author I discover their website doesn't even list the order or the release dates. A printable list of their releases is no where to be found. I think there should be a rule that if you have more than one book in your series you should make it painfully obvious what the order is on your website. To make things easy, just assume that someone picked up the 5th book in your series and they want to find the first one. :D

In terms of customer service for authors, I really haven't needed to email any of them to ask for a particular book in a particular format. Since I'm a bit tech savvy that hasn't been necessary, but it has made me think critically about the presentation of book formats for my potential readers. Have I offered a link for both the Kindle and Nook? Did I think about potential readers in foreign countries? Authors already have a nice chunk on their plates in terms of promotion, but I think with a few additional details on their websites they can answer a lot of questions with just a few more tidbits of information. 

Now, what DOESN’T MATTER to me, but it don’t hurt. ;-)

1. Giveaways are nice, but I’m perfectly happy with the book.

2. Blogs and social media are nice, but they’re not necessary.

I love a good giveaway. It's like an early morning oh-I'm-there-first-gimme-that garage sale. You might find a gem, and hey the cost was low to non-existent in the first place, so why not give it a try? But are they necessary for me to buy a book? Not really. I'm a blurb lover. If you give me a good blurb you're halfway there to snagging me as a reader. Once I get past the blurb, then I read the first couple of pages. If I'm sucked in there, then happiness ensues. 

When it comes to social media and blogs, I find them as a great way for me to learn more about the author. I may find out we have common interests and it opens up great conversation to add some fun to my day. But are they necessary to make me want to buy a book? Not really. Although, on most days I really do need a laugh, so group blogs are nice addition to my day. LOL

So my question to you for this week: what are your expectations as a reader from the authors you like? What do you expect or not expect from them?

And now, the winner of my COVETED cover reveal giveway! Thanks to, the winner is Sharon! Congrats Sharon! I hope you like the books that are coming your way.


SandyG265 said...

I don't email authors very often but I have always gotten an email back and I appreciated it. In fact one author who has recipes in her book helpded me adapt a recipe to meet my needs.

And I agree with you on having a number on the book if it's part of a series. I've bought a book that caught my eye several times only to start reading it an d find out that it's book two or three of a series. I'd still be interested in reading the book but i"d like to start with book 1.

KimberlyS said...

Would love to have My Cursed Highlander, and Entice me at Midnight, would be so nice to be able to read these two books, my financial situation is tough at the moment and if I could just win these it would be so wonderful, because I cant afford them and it would be so wonderful to win and to have something to read when its so cold out you cant go outside, tysvm for listening and ty for having this giveaway because alot of people out there just not me would love to have these books to have something to look forward to when are not able to afford it right now in these times