Monday, October 10, 2011

Short Stories and An Upcoming Long Bus Ride

Happy Monday, all! It's beautiful outside here in St. Louis. :D

I've survived the weekend--after a sinus infection that left me wondering if the pain would ever end. Thanks to the germ factories that are my children, I had a lovely head cold that knocked me out of commission for a bit. Thank goodness I didn't have anything major to work on. It wouldn't have been a pretty sight to see me at the computer looking as ghastly as I did. (It was pretty bad.) I felt like I spent the majority of the weekend counting cracks on the wall.

So right now I'm writing a short story which is a prequel to COVETED. I'm also waiting impatiently to reveal my cover to the universe. It's so awesome and I can't wait to show it off! As far as the short story, it will likely be released after December as a free preview into Natalya's world. I can't wait for you to meet her and experience her adventures--or should I say misadventures. Writing short is definitely a change compared to writing longer books. I love to read shorter stories. Since I'm a slow reader, I get through the book a lot faster. (Which is probably why I have many short stories on my iPad. LOL)

What I am excited about that's coming up next weekend is there will be an Independent Bookstore Cruise here in St. Louis next weekend. I missed the last one in the spring and I definitely don't want to miss this next one. Since Borders has closed, I feel its important to support the local bookstores with our business. By taking the cruise, I get a free introduction to their locations and staff. A win-win for me to snag some good books. Some of the local romance authors will be signing a Rose's Bookhouse: Jeannie Lin, Jennifer Jakes, J.C. Hay, Elizabeth Means, Richard O. Snelson & Angela Sage Larsen.

So, on to the fun part. Who won my Birthday Bash giveaway prize? According to my winner was LadyDamonaydeCongrats! Shoot me an email through here and I'll send you your stuff once I get your information.

Has anyone read any short stories that they loved recently? (Be sure to pick up Angie's short stories in her anthologies!) I have an e-reader with PLENTY of space. ;) I know Carina Press has a nice little sale going on so bring any suggestions my way.

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Sharon said...\

these aren't shorts, but there are 19 ebooks on sale for $3.99 each. Great chance to try some new series.

I have Angie's latest anthology and it is very close to the top of my TBR list now!

I am actually reading a fantastic free shortstory anthology, but it is m/m so not everyone's cup of tea.