Monday, November 14, 2011

COVETED Cover Flat

Happy Monday all!

I would've posted last Monday, but the Friday before last I experienced the joy of hard drive failure... It was quite a painful experience and I highly recommend that you backup items you find valuable. What pretty much happened was I was in the middle of working and then I got the blue screen of death. Not long after, I tried to reboot, perhaps hoping I'd see Windows boot back up. Well, my computer never came back. Even after running restore software for like 3 days straight, I only got a few files back. Most of them weren't that useful either. LOL

At least the good news is that I have something fun to reveal--the cover flats for COVETED. Right now I'm editing the second book in the series, KEPT, which thankfully wasn't lost during my hard drive fiasco.

Another thing: Sharon, if you could send me an email? You won my last giveaway and I want to make sure I send it your way!

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Sharon said...

doing the WINNING dance Sent an email. Love the cover! How exciting for you :)