Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How I write, or at least how it happened today

Hey, I just discovered it's Tuesday. For those of you who knew that already...well done!

I've had a little tunnel vision lately due to this new book I'm working on. This is the second book in the paranormal MASH series that's coming out next year. It's been a blast to write, and now that I have a lot of books under my belt, I'm seeing a pattern emerging in how I approach the work.

At the start of a book, I know exactly what needs to happen. May not know how to get there right away, but the idea is solid. Then the early chapters are all about expanding on that idea and making it richer. Again, I know how to do that.

A lot of writers aren't clear on the middle part of the book. I'm good there. But at about chapter 15 or 16, of every book I write, my outlines will start to say things like, "lots of cool stuff happens," or "hey, what if all the Shoneys were run by werewolves?," or in the case of this current book, "hopefully somebody gets laid."

Now for the record, I really do hope my main character gets some. She's been through a lot so far in this book, and frankly, I owe it to her. But as an author, I need a bit more to go on. So I did some brainstorming with my crit partner and we came up with a wicked cool idea that should really make this book sing. I'm loving it. Too much. To the point where I forgot it was Tuesday.

I suppose that's better than forgetting about the weekend, or dinner. I never forget a meal. So anyhow - happy Tuesday! I hope yours was great. It was a lot of fun on this end.


Shawntelle Madison said...

Angie, I'm so glad you're concerned about your character "getting some." :D

Good luck with the writing.

Sharon said...

haha! yes, you need to throw your character a bone every once in a while (heehee, see how naughty I was there) or they will turn on you and wake you in the middle of the night to discuss plot...