Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's always funnier when it happens to someone else

Last night, my husband came home and showed us a video that I thought would terrify the children. It was from the Jimmy Kimmel show, where Kimmel asked viewers to tell their children that they had eaten all of the Halloween candy while the kids were asleep.

Kimmel said he was surprised at the reaction from most of the children - tears, mainly. I wasn't. I'd be crying too. What I was surprised at was the reaction from my kids. They thought it was hilarious. But would they if it happened to them? Maybe we need to find out next year.


mnjcarter said...

I saw this and LMAO, my husband said we should have done that to our kids. Pretty sadistic! But funny!

suzy vitello said...

Yes! My oldest son sent me a link to that on my Facebook, and when I showed it to my youngest, he thought it was the funniest thing ever... I think kids have this natural tendency towards Schadenfreude!

Sharon said...

snort, it is funny until it happens to them . Kind of like Americas Funniest Videos. Some of the pranks on there are hilarious, but I bet my kids wouldn't be laughing if I stretch plastic wrap across the doorway and yelled for them to come quickly .