Friday, December 9, 2011

Top Seventeen Reason to be Happy During the Holidays

Everyone says you're supposed to be happy during the holiday season. And in that same breath, everyone says, "Damn, it's hard to be happy during the holiday season." Too much to do. Too much pressure to feel good. Too much pressure to make everything perfect and sparkly and cheerful.

I've spent some holiday seasons in a big funk. I've some holiday seasons when I was in a good mood. Guess what? The holidays are way more fun when I'm loving every minute of it. So, I've decided to make a list of the top 17 reasons to be in a good mood this holiday season..

1) The vacuum cleaned managed to pick up almost half of the pine needles that came off the tree. I can almost walk barefoot without being stabbed!

2) My daughter is actually willing to go clothes shopping for new party shoes. Nothing like dressing up for Santa to motivate a five year old!

3) Frosty. Was there ever a sexier hunk of snow than that guy? I be thinking not.

4) Christmas cookies. Or, more importantly, the FROSTING for the cookies that can either be (a) put on the Christmas cookeis or (b) eaten right out of the bowl. I vote for (b).

5) Sparkly stuff. I mean, let's get real here. Does anyone ever get tired of things that glitter, sparkle, twinkle and glow?

6) The book The LittlestChristmas Tree by R.A. Herman. Get it. Read it. You'll cry. You'll hug your kid. You'll remember what Christmas is all about. Seriously. 

7) Santa hats. Put one of those puppies on your head, and you can be a jolly elf ready to spread good cheer to all the little kiddies. Or you can be a very naughty little girl… It's so nice to have options…

8) The ability to manipulate your kids by telling them that Santa knows if they've been bad or good, so they better be good for goodness sake.

9) Hanukah. Food, family, friends and gold coins. Did I mention the gold coins? Oh, wait, they're not real? Damn.

10) The song, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. I love you, Grandma, but that song is just too damn funny. 

11) The Christmas Cancan by Straight No Chaser. You've never heard these guys? They are awesome. Seriously. Brilliant. Gifted. And, to top it off, they are a story of perseverance, believing in your dreams, of why you should always keep the good energy going out into the world because you never know when it's finally going to pay off.

12) The 12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser. I know, that's two spots for the guys, but if you want this video, too, you're realize why they really had to get the double accolades. 

 13) Book covers like this one that can really put you in the...ahem... "holiday" mood. Yeah, that's it. A holiday mood. 

14) The smell of freshly cut pine trees. Yes, you get sap stuck to your fingers. Yes, there is pine needle carnage galore. But honestly, when you shove your face into that holiday wreath on the front door of your neighbor's house after too many glasses of eggnog, doesn't it smell awesome?

15) Having an excuse to get your hair done. Seriously. What if you actually got invited to a Christmas party? You couldn't go with bad hair, right? Gotta go get those highlights. It's your holiday duty.

16) Bells. Bells. Bells. How can you be in a bad mood when you get to hear bells all day? The best thing to do for bell lovers? Get those $5 holiday bell earrings at Target, put them on, and then twitch your head back and forth all day so they are constantly ringing. Everyone will love the music you bring into their day, and no one will think you're strange or have a weird head tick. Really. I swear.

17) Freedom to eat whatever you want and indulge in all the bad habits you want, because you'll start all the good behavior on January first when your New Year's Resolutions kick in. These next few weeks are your last hurrah! Indulge! Splurge! Enjoy!


Sharon said...

I love all those things about Christmas time! I recently saw the Straight No Chaser video and was stunned. Amazingly good :) and who doesn't love sparkly things (well, maybe not sparkly vampires;)

Lexi said...

I think I need a Santa outfit like the girl on the cover....