Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nook? Kindle? What should I get?

Happy birthday to me...well, almost. It's coming up and my husband just asked the dreaded question: what do you want? I never know. Books? More books? I think he gets tired of that. So this year, I'm thinking about asking for an e-reader. But I have no idea what kind to get.

I've been on the Nook website. Loved the Nook color. But then started wondering if it would be too hard for a tech phobe like me to update and whether it does a lot of the same things as my iPhone. So I looked at regular Nook. That was really cool. Then I looked at the Kindle Touch. But I'm used to turning pages, so would the regular Kindle be better? Or maybe back to the Nook. And Sony has an e-reader too. I haven't even looked at that.

Then again, I literally have nine bookshelves in the house, all full of books I love. When is enough enough? Ha! Okay, that's funny. Totally disregard that.

So those of you with e-readers: What do you have? What do you like about it? And what would you ask for if you had a birthday around the corner?


SandyG265 said...

I have a kindle and also read books on my ipad with the kindle app. I prefer reading on the kindle since I find that the gray scale is easier on my eyes. But the ipad is better for reading in low light conditions since it's backlit.

Casey said...

Happy birthday, Angie!

My birthday just came and went, and my husband got me a Kindle Fire. I am very bad with technology, but thanks to a little help from above-mentioned husband setting up my email, I haven't had any problem. Reading on the Kindle is easy and honestly, I don't miss that "feel of a book" so many readers talk about. I've downloaded from amazon with no problem and from my local library, too. It's magic. And I'm enjoying it!

Diane P said...

Love my Kindle. When I had some eye difficulties-it was still so easy to read. I still buy some books but it is so easy to download to the Kindle.
If you watch movies or read magazines then the Fire might be the way to go. If you're not sure then the cheapest Kindle would be a good place to start.

Angie Fox said...

Hmm...my husband has an ipad. Might need to swipe it. Thanks, Sandy!

Angie Fox said...

What I like is the idea of not only downloading library books (and avoiding late fees) but also being able to just buy an entire series. If books are out of the stores, or even parts of series, it can be hard to wait for mail order.

Angie Fox said...

Oh and thanks for the b-day wishes, Casey. It's next month, but I like to be prepared when it comes to presents. ;)

Angie Fox said...

Good point, Diane. I do read some magazines, but maybe not enough to justify the color reader. Plus, I like tearing out magazine articles for later (like I have a recipe file and a house decorating/gardening file). Can't do that on an e-reader.

Therese said...

I just got the basic Kindle though I am tech savvy and will probably get a tablet someday when I'm more mobile. For now I just wanted to be able to download books, and read them.
I don't care about organizing them and didn't want a touch screen. I wanted a single use device for getting all my friends books in one place that I could take with me everywhere.
So, months later, I totally ADORE my basic kindle.

Happy Birthday!

Sharon said...

I can't believe you don't have one yet!! Once you get it, you won't know what you did without it, but you will become a book hoarder and collect a cue so long you will never read them all. I've had a kindle for the last 3 years. I love it. Amazon has sooooo many free and great price books. If you wait, you will eventually get any book you want on sale of free (except the new releases, but even those go on sale) I would say kindle just because of the amount of material available to you.
I also have an iPad. I prefer reading books on the kindle because of the size, but the iPad gives you web browsing too...and you can put the Kindle app on it.

Kristi Lea said...

Happy Birthday!

On color vs b&w: The e-ink readers are much kinder on the eyes than a color tablet screen, if that's a consideration. My day job is 8+ hours of computer programming, followed by writing at night on yet another computer. After all that, if I try reading on my Android phone or laptop, I just can't. Reading on my Sony (e-ink) is fine, just like paper.

And there *are* ways to tear out e-magazine articles to save for later...(Evernote on apple, OneNote on Windows, Pinterest, etc, etc--the best ones will both save a copy of what you're reading plus the link/source of the original). But you can safely skim over this comment if it sounds too complicated!

I think most of the newer e-readers, both b&w and color, have some amount of built-in web browsing. I also believe that the Kindle Fire would allow you to install a Nook reading app, and the Nook Tablet (and possibly Nook Color) would allow you to install a Kindle reading app. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong! Or if you need to have a tech-geek "root" them first...). So you could get the best of both worlds with either device.

Otherwise, I think the choice comes down to the Amazon vs BN turf wars. I suspect each side has content that the other side can't as easily access.

(btw, I dearly love my Sony, but I never buy from the Sony store directly but from 3rd party places and convert files, and I definitely qualify as tech-savvy, so I'm not necessarily recommending my choice as best for everyone).

Angie Fox said...

Ooh...interesting, Therese. So you're saying you can't organize the books on the basic Kindle? I want to have some kind of filing system. That is big. Thanks!

Angie Fox said...

Interesting, Kristi. I like the idea of "tearing out" magazine pages on an e-reader, because some of the physical ones I have tend to get scattered.

My family thinks it's funny that I write to-do lists, party planning lists, etc on my laptop, but frankly, it's the best way to know I'll always find important notes. That kind of security would be worth learning some new technology (says the phobe)