Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Real life writing

I know TV is not real life. Rarely do 20-something "Friends" live in expensive New York apartments. Forensic teams don't usually drive Hummers. And most families don't have a Fonzie living in an apartment above the garage (yeah, yeah, I'm dating myself).

So why do I expect a show about a writer to be true to life? I don't. I shouldn't. Yet every Monday night, when my husband and I sit down and watch Castle, I say the same thing, "He's never going to hit his book deadline if he keeps trapsing around like that. He's not even worried about it."

To which Jim replies, "It's a TV show."

Of course, I ignore him.

Sure, Castle is researching by following the police, but that doesn't get a book finished. They did sort of address it once last season when Castle was behind on a deadline. His editor's response was to whisk him away to a house in the Hamptons for the summer. There, the editor doted on him for three months while he wrote his book.

Come to think of it, maybe Castle is not so crazy to ignore those deadlines.

"It's just a TV show," Jim says again, well aware of my deadline-induced chocolate habit. And the fact that he had to resist the urge to re-locate any of the yellow post-it notes that papered the house a few weeks ago. He also ended up fixing dinners for the weeks leading up to my recent Jan 1 deadline. Being a smart man, he tends to let those things slide.

Still, I look forward to Castle every week. It's a lot of fun. The characters (to me, the most important part) are great. And it makes me wonder - who else has a job that's not quite the same as TV? Dish. I'd love to know.


Sharon said...

motherhood ;)

Angie Fox said...

Yes, why doesn't anybody warn you about what really happens? LOL I suppose there are some things that TV just won't show.

Casey said...

My dad was a Cleveland Police detective. Back in the day, he said the only "real" police show was Kojak. Can't say what he'd think of the cop shows that are on now.