Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Blahs

I’ve got the January blahs. I can’t even blame the weather. It’s not been too bad—no subzero temperatures; no major storms to keep me shut inside—but never the less, it still seems like my “get up and go” has got up and went! So many things that I could (should?) be doing, but I can’t get motivated.

What have I been doing while in my slug mode? A LOT of reading! In fact I’ve been averaging two to three books a week all month. Since I live 40 miles from the nearest bookstore and going to our local library would require wearing something other than sweat pants, they’ve been e-books—mostly of the $2.99 or less variety. (I did spend over $10 on one, but to tell the truth, I’ve been a little disappointed in it. I’ve also learned to try a sample first to see if the book is to my taste.) On the plus side, I’ve discovered several authors whose work I’ve really enjoyed.

So just in case there are any other fellow slugs out there, I’ve decided to share some of my favorites with the caveat that these are the ones that appeal to my taste, but maybe not all.

Here’s a few on my list:

A young mother is bitten by a vampire and must learn to cope with her altered state. (No, she doesn’t sparkle, but does discover some unusual talents.)

THE LAURA CARDINAL series—J. Carson Black
Thrillers with a bit of the paranormal thrown in for good measure.

OUT OF TIME—Deborah Truscott
A time travel romance with endearingly quirky characters and snappy dialogue.

THE CAPTAIN LACEY series—Ashley Gardner (Jennifer Ashley)
A set of Regency mysteries featuring Captain Gabriel Lacey.

THE BARBRA MARR series—Karen Cantwell
Mobsters, monkeys, and murder plague suburban housewife Barbra Marr.

THE DULCIE O’NEIL series—H. P. Mallory
Creatures from the Netherworld exist side by side with humans and it’s up to Regulator Dulcie O’Neil (who happens to be a fairy) to keep them in line.

THE STACY JUSTICE series—Barbra Annino
Murder, magic, and a little romance—need I say more?

How about you? Anyone want to add to the list? I expect to have about two more weeks of “slugdom” left and I’m always looking for a good read!

That’s it for this week—have a good one and see you next Thursday.



SandyG265 said...

I read a lot of ebooks to since the Borders by my house closed.

You might like the Mary O'Reilly series by Terri Reid. It's a series of paranormal mysteries.

I also enjoyed Better Off Without Him by Dee Ernst, a romantic comedy.

And Trouble in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon was good but I think that one's about $4

Bev said...

You might also enjoy the Deadwood series by Ann Charles and the Cuthroat Business series by Jennie Bentley.

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Thanks guys!! Great minds work alike--I've read the Mary O'Reilly series and the Deadwood series. Also the one by Jana DeLeon. Enjoyed them as well. I will check out Dee Ernst and Jennie Bentley!

Sharon said...

I love HP Mallory's books! they are so fun. How about Linda Welch's Whispering Series. It is a paranormal mystery. I love her writing. The first book is Along Came A Demon and it is only $.99 :)