Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do You Believe?

Do you believe in ghosts? Mary did. But then, Mary was curious, intelligent, interested in so many things. It came as no surprise to find out she wanted to know as much as she could about the world, both what she could see and what she couldn’t see.
Mary was an RN, an administrator at a nursing facility. She was funny, she was troubled, she was brilliant, she was caring. She faced the world with a healthy and hard-won dose of cynicism, and she didn’t suffer fools wisely. Yet she was able to maintain a sense of wonder, and a desire to find out . . . what if.
She died nearly seven years ago, and I often find myself thinking about Mary. It’s important to know all this before I tell you a story . . .

Last night, some friends visited. Chris has a new job in an old building in Cleveland, and he told us that he and his fellow employees often see shadows walking through the supply areas when they know no one is around.
Of course, this got us talking about ghosts. And naturally, I pulled out my Kindle to show our guests my Ghost Radar Classic app.
Here’s the deal . . . this app is supposed to use the full power of your computer to measure various and sundry fluctuations in an area and tell you whether anything is wonky (my word for all the scientific terms they use) and if there is a possibility of a paranormal presence.
Yes, I’m interested in ghosts and the paranormal. But I really downloaded the app because #1 I had just gotten my Fire and wanted to see if I could download, #2 It was free, and #3 I knew my children would roll their eyes when I showed it to them. (Those of you with children know this is especially important. If you can’t embarrass your children, why have them?)
The app brings up what looks like a radar screen with an arm that sweeps around and around. There are readings at the sides, numbers I don’t understand, and a line at the top where words can appear, supposedly when "someone" (or "something") is trying to communicate.
In the month I’ve had my Fire, I’ve turned on the app maybe three or four times. The radar arm sweeps around and around and around. And nothing ever happens.
Last night as we sat talking ghosts and turned on the app, that radar arm swept around and around.
A green blip appeared on the screen.
A few more sweeps and another green blip. Then a blue (supposedly the weakest signal), then a red blip. This is supposed to be the strongest signal.
At the same time, I word popped up at the top.
A real message? Or just coincidence? I can’t say, I only know that there were three of us on that side of the room, and we all got the chills.
Anyone else using Ghost Radar Classic? Had a similar experience with our without a program like this? Tell us. There’s nothing like a good ghost story on a cold winter day!


Sharon said...

No freaking way! That is creepy and cool :)

Mish said...

My daughter downloaded an app for the ouija board. For fun I agreed to play. Now keep in mind I am a total skeptic. My grandmother has recently passed so when we asked who was here it spelled our her name. I know for a fact I moved nothing. My daughter could have but there is no way she could answered everything else. It was spooky.

Tayia said...

I had never heard of that app before but now I want it badly!! That is spooky cool!

Casey said...

Mish, I've played with a ouija board a couple times and I find it a little unsettling. Not sure why, but it gives me the creeps!

And Tayia, the app is free! The best kind. (Well, except for Scrabble, and that was worth every penny of the $2.99.)

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Ooo, Casey...I just downloaded this onto my smart phone!!!!And according to it, "something" just popped in the doorway to my office to take a peak!! It's gone now, but if I get up the nerve later, I'll check out the family room downstairs. (A psychic once told me I have a few "guests" down there!!)

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Okay, so now they're back and they're talking to me!! Got to tell you this is freaking me out a little!!! And the more I'm typing, the more they're talking!! Way weird! One funny thing--one word was "think" and since I'm getting ready to write my blog for today, I guess that's good advice!

Casey said...

It's fun, Shirley, but I'm with you, it's freaky, too!